Ali Amir al Muminin

In the Overflowing Compassion and Love of the Beloved


Today, the 13th of Rajab is the birth anniversary of Imam Ali, may Allah always increase him in mercy and illuminate his noble countenance.

Ali, Hashimite, was nobly born from the blessed womb of his mother called Fatima, inside the Kabaa.
Ali was taken as a baby by the Rasul and Mother Khadija to live in their household.
Ali was carried around in the arms of the Prophet like his own son.
Ali would sleep in the bed of the Prophet and remembered lifelong the sweet fragrance of his blessed body.
Ali at the age of 10 ran to the Prophet’s side at the annunciatory banquet when the Prophet asked his attending family members who of them would come to his side in the way of Allah and no one came except the child Ali.
Ali who was then declared by the Prophet to be the master of those present, infuriating the men who said, ‘How can a child be our master?’
Ali, who became the best and bravest of the warriors in battle was also the most eloquent of the eloquent Arabs.
Ali, the deep well of spiritual secrets.
The Prophet declared, “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.”
Ali, the most profound intellect and spiritually mature, became the trunk of the tree of Tariqat, the master of the Way.
Ali, chosen by the Prophet to be the husband of Fatima the Illumined.
Ali, father of Imam Hasan, Imam Huseyn and Hazreti Zaynab the truthful.
Ali, Amir al Muminin, the most capable of governing and guiding.
Ali the most merciful and forgiving.
Ali, the prince of hearts, carried water in a leather pouch in the streets of Medina for a living.
Ali, the true faqir, in body, soul and spirit.
Ali, the most consumed with love for Allah.
Ali, whirling alone in the desert like an ecstatic mad person calling Allah’s Names.
Ali Rahim Ali Rahman
Ali Warithudin, the inheritor of the treasury of the heart of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim.

“Over whomsoever I am the mawla, ‘Ali is also the mawla.” The truthful words of the Messenger, may he be showered in divine peace.

"The best revenge is to improve yourself." Ali

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