Blessed Mothers Day!

In the All Embracing and Sustaining Holy Womb of Love


Bless your mother hearts!
Bless your loving care and acts of loving kindness
Bless your joy Bless your sadness
Bless your breaths of praise
Bless your steps on Mother Earth
Bless your sacred dance that preserves life
Bless your voice singing with the birds and the mountains and the breezes and the rain and the flowers
Bless your words of consolation and words of guidance
Bless your visions
Bless your warnings and good counsel
Bless your waking in the night to be the guardians of true humanity
Bless your coming into the earth and bless your going out of it
May the One Who mothers all the mothers accept our prayers and our lives of joyful sacrifice.

Beloved Amina Taslima al Jerrahi, Noble Murshids, Blessed Circle Guides and Sweet Dervishes of Love, for your courageous lives of devotion and praise may you be rewarded with the best! – eternal nearness to Allah and the overflowing pleasure of Allah upon you, your families and all those you love and pray for.

Thank you for your beautiful greetings! I might not be able to answer all of them individually, but I have them in my heart.

May we all help to give birth to the new humanity.

Fariha al Jerrahi abd

Kiss the feet of mothers, prostrate on this earth
Welcome those who come to you in the Name of Allah!
(29B in new Ilahi Book)

Please recite Salawats today and read the pink Salawat book called Threading Pearls by Haqiqa Alima

From Atom from the Sun of Knowledge p.167-168)

“The Messenger of Allah saws, discloses the tenderness of his own mother-heart: When I stand for prayer, I intend to prolong it, but on hearing cries of children, I cut it short, as I dislike to trouble the mothers.

Peace be upon Hawa Mother of Humanity
Peace be upon Sarah and Hagar Mothers of Two Prophetic Lineages
Peace be upon Bilqis Queen of Knowledge
Peace be upon Maryam, Queen of Heaven, Mother of Jesus Yeshua pbuh
Peace be upon Magdalene, first disciple of beloved Jesus Yeshua saws
Peace be upon exalted Mother Amina, Mother of our Prophet, pbuh
Peace be upon tender Halimah, foster mother of Muhammad, pbuh
Peace be upon Khadija al Kubra, first Mother of the Faithful of Islam
Peace be upon Fatima the Enlightened
Peace be upon Aisha Humayra, transmitter of one third of the hadiths
Peace be upon the Wives of our Prophet saws
Peace be upon the Daughters of our Prophet saws
Peace be upon Rabia Adawia
Peace be upon Catherine of Sienna
Peace be upon Therese of Avila
Peace be upon Therese of Lisieux
Peace be upon all the Holy Mothers who have walked upon Mother Earth. May their intercession for humanity be accepted.
Peace be upon all the Mothers and Daughters and Sisters and Aunts and Grandmothers who have ever come from the Source of Love!

Account of the blessed Halima, wet nurse of our beloved Prophet, may he receive the peace of Allah flowing through the Mothers.

I went to Makkah with other women from the tribe of Bani Sa^d Ibn Bakr. We were looking for infants whose parents wanted them wet-nursed. During the journey to Makkah, I was riding a female donkey off-white in color. It was a year of drought and we had nothing, only an old camel that hardly gave any milk. My own son’s hungry crying kept my husband and I awake at night because I did not have a drop of milk in my breasts to feed him.

When we arrived in Makkah, each one of us was offered the Prophet as a nursing son. We all refused at first because he was an orphan, and we depended on the generosity of the child’s father for our services. We used to say, “He is an orphan. How generous can his mother be?” Every woman in our group except for me managed to get a baby to nurse. I hated to return the only one empty handed. I told my husband I would go back and take that orphan, and I did. When I came back to where my animal was, my husband asked me, “Did you take him?” I told him I had because I could not find any other. He said, “May Allah endow His blessings on us.”

By Allah, as soon as I put him in my lap my breasts filled with milk. Both he and his brother (her own son) drank their fill. When my husband went out that night to check our old camel, he found her udder full of milk. We got all the milk we wanted from her. My husband and I drank our fill and slept soundly that night, as did our boys. My husband said, “O Halimah, I think you have put your hands on a blessed creation. Look how our sons sleep.”

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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