Blessed Hajj!

O Hajj.
What will explain the Hajj?
In truth our life is the Hajj.
Our striving, our struggles and our pain are the roads to the Kaaba.
Our calling out to the Merciful One is our prayer and our Labayk.
Our tears are our ablutions.
Then comes an easing and relief.
Then comes the messenger of Grace. “Give the good news to the faithful ones O Muhammad that the victory of Love is here!”
The Sakina. A victory. An opening. A Fath.
Ya Fattah! Ya Wahhab!
Arrival at the Source.
Ente–l-Hadi Ente-l-Haqq!
The quenching of thirst with ZemZem.
Ente-l-Razzaq! Ente-l-Shafi, Ente-l-Mu’afi!
Immersion in the One.
Ya Ahad! Ya Hu!
Ya Hajj! O Hajji!

May Allah keep us faithful in our pre-eternal promise.
May we travel with the most beautiful intentions together with our faithful companions.
May we be welcomed in the Abode of love and peace by the All Loving One, the One Who is peace.
Ya Wadud! Ya Salam!
May the sacrifice of our lives be accepted by the Most Gracious and Grateful Lord of Generosity and Grace.
Ya Raab! Ya Shakur! Ya Dhul Jalal wal Ikram!

Blessings upon you dear Shaykha Amina al Jerrahi, honored Murshids and Circle Guides, and beloved cherished Dervishes in this amazing month of Hajj and in these first ten days, culminating in the day of Arafat on the 9th (Monday). The day of Arafat is also the passing day of Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, may his secret be sanctified and exalted in the most beautiful station of nearness. The day of Arafat is followed by the day of Eid which is the victory of Prophet Abraham and Prophet Ishmael when the Ram was brought by Archangel Gabriel to represent the sacrifice of the human soul and its victory in the struggle toward the One.

Yesterday morning, the first day of Hajj, we began our prayer and meditation on Water, Ma’a in Arabic.
Interesting because Matr means Mother in Sanskrit.
Ramakrishna called upon Ma, Shaykh Nur called upon Ma, the Mother of the Universe. Many souls call upon Ma.
And Ma’a as Water can be seen as the Matrix, the mother of our bodies. Allah declares “We created every living being from Water.”

Yesterday morning I set out to write to you a Hajj greeting letter. Then my computer went blank, completely dark and non-functioning. So I wrote on the iphone, Koran verses on Water and some aspects of the origin of Hajj and the appearance of the spring of Zem Zem. I arrived at the very end of the letter and then my finger slipped and the letter erased. That for me was a true taste of Hajj, more than my letter. The journey of struggle had begun. It was perfect.

It is recommended not to travel in the first ten days of Hajj.
Possibly because the epitome of the inner journey is being displayed in these days and one should not obscure it with outer travel.

On the pilgrimage together!
Fariha al Jerrahi

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