O Renewer of the Cycles of Mercy! We beg you …

In Allah's All Embracing Mercy and Love

Beloved Community

Blessed Muharram 1439!
And blessed Roshashana 5778!
And blessed New Cycles of Time for all Sacred Communities over the Earth!
Blessed renewal of life for all creatures!

May Allah the Beloved shower infinite Grace upon us and upon all beings of goodness in this year and always.

May devastation transform into good.

May the Beloved’s amazing Grace awaken us and stir us to live the fullest potential of our being, recognizing that our lives and our selves are threaded together with the lives of all beings.

May we be forgiven completely for our constant failings.

May we forgive others.

May we refrain from judging even though our hearts recoil at certain actions, as they should, for Allah alone knows the causes of every event and the fruit of every action. Much good can come out what appears bad. Every being is guided by the Supreme Guide in this cosmic drama of Love. Allah alone is the Knower and the One Who acts.

May the unerring Guide of our hearts guide us even better than before.

May we be pleased with our Lord and Lover and be content with what comes to us, calming our hearts, deepening our faith and increasing our gratitude in times of difficulty. May we become like Hazreti Rabia Adawiya, may Allah be pleased with her, who was so constantly and deeply in love that she did not distinguish between difficulty and ease.

May we seek the ways of Peace with others, building structures of peace and well-being in the world.

May we not be afraid to stand for justice, even though we ourselves can never be Just.

May we apply the knowledge we have received and may we be increased always in knowledge that is good for us.

May Allah grant us Wisdom.

May our hearts be the open space and fertile ground for the continuous descent of Divine Mercy. And may we be mercy for others.

May we be guided by Truth and merge into Truth.

May we be intoxicated by Love and disappear into Love, maintaining a cloak of sobriety to function in the world.

May we be in constant conscious Zikrullah, and may we partake in more communal Zikrullah.

May we be ever seeking the Pleasure of the Beloved.

And may our love increase for the Messenger of Mercy Muhammad and his blessed wives and family and companions, may they and all Messengers and Mothers and their communities be showered in sublime peace! These first ten days of Muharram we should spend in contemplating their love to Allah and their sacrifice for humanity.

For the inner prayer of the heart for this new cycle of time I would suggest that we read the Morning Wird of our Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, ra, or at least read the magnificent prayers that he has given to us from page 49 to the end. Be aware that we are his inheritors and his prayers belong to us.

Blessings on Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands and all those places in devastation through war and injustice.

May our love for each other increase without cease.

May we increase our adab, our Divine good manners. This is a key to success on the spiritual path.

And may we not give self-importance to our self or our actions. Let the Beloved value us.

May we not define our self or identify our self. Let the One who truly knows us describe us.

May we not sing our own praises but rather sing the praises of the Beloved.

May we be aware of the priceless value of each moment and each breath of our life.

Fariha al Jerrahi al Ashki al Nur

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