Happy Birthday Prophet Muhammad and Peace Be Upon You


Blessed Birthday of Muhammad, may he be embraced in the never-ending peace and bliss of Divine Unity.

Dearest Community of Divine Love and Revealed Knowledge,

The true birth of the beloved Muhammad, may he be showered in sublime peace, is in us. The reality of the beloved Muhammad is in us. The light of the beloved Muhammad is our essence. His soul is the soul of our soul. When we contemplate his form we are seeing our true self and the radiant essence of the human form. And when we contemplate the human form we are seeing the essence of the form of creation. All is the radiance of Allah seen through these cascading, interpenetrating, scintillating prisms of light.

The birth of Muhammad is in the primordial flash of Lovelight from the Essence which sings “La ilahe ilallah” and which is adoringly answered by the Essence with “Muhammad Rasulallah. Muhammad is My messenger and My message. Humanity is My messenger and My message. Muhammad is My mirror of delight. Humanity is My mirror of delight.”

The birth of Muhammad is the birth of the Human reality. It is the birth of all the Prophets and Mothers and Messengers.

The birth of the light of Muhammad in a human body on earth takes place in the sign of the Ram in the year 570 of the Gregorian calendar at the Duha time of mid-morning.

Let us rejoice in his birth, as we rejoice in the birth of beloved Jesus, beloved Maryam, beloved Moses, beloved Miriam, beloved Abraham, beloved Sarah and Haggar, beloved Buddha and beloved mother of Buddha, beloved Krishna and beloved Radha. Let us rejoice in the birth of the sacred reality of humanity!

Let us be drawn into the light of the Messenger Muhammad, to receive his ecstasy on this day chosen for his birth into physical form, may he be showered in the praises of all created beings,

Let us enter the humble abode of mother Amina shortly before his birth, leaving our limited minds at the door, committing ourselves to the holy way of life, hearts full of gratitude and love.

Let us gaze in awe as the Prophet of the latter days is born.

Let us allow ourselves to be in amazement with Mother Amina at the splendor of her newborn child and the miraculous events attending his birth.

His umbilical cord is cut, his eyes are brilliant, his first gesture is prostration and his first utterance is “Ummati, Ummati, Ummati, My Community, My Community, My Community!”

Let us rejoice for his Community which is Humanity.

The Messengership of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is similar to that of all the holy Messengers. He was sent to reveal all that is contained within the Primordial Light, and to confirm the revelations of all previous Messengers.

His messengership reveals the mercy of creation,
“I have inscribed Mercy for Myself.”

He reveals its perfection,
“You will find no flaw in Creation.”

He reveals its beauty,
“And We have adorned the heavens with beauty”

Its wisdom,
“He grants wisdom to whomever he pleases, and the one to whom wisdom is granted has certainly received a boundless gift.”

Its innate justice,
“We did not create the heavens and the earth except in truth and justice.”

Its reality,
“And know that there is no reality but My Reality.”

The Messengership of Muhammad is to make everything clear that was opaque, to make everything easy that was difficult, to bring near what was far, to balance what was out of balance, to open what was closed, to lighten the burden of earthly life, to support the peace and fulfillment of all beings and to flood creation with love.

Let us lovingly repeat with cherished Muzaffer Ashki this blessing upon the noble Prophet,

“O beloved Allah, please shower your blessings upon our guiding light Muhammad and his blessed family as many times as there are breaths in creation, and every time a living being breathes.”

And all beings are alive and breathing - the stones, the plants, the Earth and all creatures living within her, upon her and within her atmosphere.

Let us repeat with beloved Shaykh Nur this blessing upon the noble Prophet of Allah,

“O beloved Allah, please shower the supreme peace of mystic union upon our master and guide Muhammad as long as this vast creation lasts.”

Companions of love cherish this blessed day and honor it with salawat and prayer and tasbih, and asking for the good of yourself and all beings in his name.

Fariha Fatima

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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