O Dervishes of Love!


O Beloved Allah, in Your All-Embracing Name, Your All-Transforming Name of Love, please make us Your lovers! Please embrace us and guide us into Your boundless universe of love where we can live forever as love.

Please do not keep us far from You by making us judges of what is right and wrong.
Please do not make us lawyers who argue points of religion.
Please do not make us spiritual accountants who calculate benefits from their acts of worship.
Do not make us bankers who accumulate the rewards of good actions.
Do not make us rationalists who imagine they can weigh and measure Reality.
Do not make us literalists who see only the surface of things.
Do not make us seekers of the good opinion of others.
Do not make us sensualists who live for sensual pleasures.
Do not make us distracted ones indulging in distractions, forgetting the essential.
Do not make us lazy ones forgetting to strive.
Do not make us conventionalists guiding themselves with the maps of the world.
Do not make us fearful of the limited powers of either of both worlds, for You are the All-Powerful over all that appears powerful.
Do not make us fearful of loss of sustenance, for You are our Sustainer creating for us sustenance out of nothing.
Do not make us unconscious, ungrateful ones, throwing away the moments of our life, Your life.

Please O Beloved make us Your lovers! Make us Your lovers!
Transform us so that we can live in Your endless Reality of love, so that we can breath the vast atmosphere of love and walk the astonishing ways of love and drink the intoxicating wines of love and ride the wild mounts of love and bathe in the fountains of love and lay down on couches of love and consume the life-sustaining foods of love and speak spontaneous and kind words of love and imagine the astonishing beauty of love and live together with the lovers of love facing the Essence of love consumed in the Radiance of love forever, forever!

Give us hearts of love, tongues of love, hearing and seeing love. Create love before us and behind us, to our right and to our left, above us and beneath us. Transform our nerves into love, our flesh into love, our skin into love, our hair into love, our flowing veins into love, our bones and marrow into love, our brains into love, our cells into love! O Reality of love, make us all love and increase us always and forever in love!

A lover walks thru the world as a humble servant of love, not taking offense, not giving offense, open always to the surprising guidance of love and to the guides of love.

Ya Muhammad, O Primordial Axis of Love, peace be unto you! Ya Fatima, O Oceanic Compassion of Love, Ya Maryam, O Brilliant Wisdom of Love, Ya Issa, O Sublime Revealer of Love, Ya Magdalene, O intimate inheritor of the lineage of Love, Ya Rabia, O fearless lover of Love, Ya Mevlana, O Astonishing Saki and Guide of love, Ya Shams of Tabriz, O Soaring Albatross of Love never landing on earth, Ya Nureddin, O Radiantly Beautiful Pir of love, Ya Ashki Aziz, O Perfect Human Being and Master of the heart of love, Ya Nur, O Light of the lights of Love, O Dervishes, living the reality of Love! Peace be upon you all forever! Peace be upon you forever!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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