Last Ten Days… A Beautiful Loan to Allah


Peace to your hearts dear Circle Guides and Dervishes,

Tonight we enter into the realm of the last ten days, the honey of the Ramadan, which also contains the jewel essence, the Night of Power. And tomorrow night, Saturday, is the passing date of Hazreti Imam Ali, aleyhi salam, the eve of the 21st of Ramadan.

This is the Ramadan plunge…

Beloved Master Jesus, aleyhi salam, spoke a parable about attaining the essence of life.

There was merchant of pearls who was offered a unique pearl of immense value but he could not afford to buy it. So he went and sold all that he had, all of his other pearls, and with that he bought the pearl beyond price.

What are these pearls that we have in store? What can we sell that will open the way to the Beloved?

The Beloved in the Koran only asks for a loan.

Who is the one who will give to Allah a beautiful loan, which Allah will double and multiply without bounds? 2:245

We object, “Lord, we own nothing of value. What can we loan?”
And Love responds, “You own your limited self. Give me that. And I will give you the Pearl beyond price… Myself.”

That is the exchange we can make in the last ten days of Ramadan.
Go inward.
Be in munajat, intimate conversation with Allah, sometimes wordless.
Let go
Who you are… Let go of that.
How you see yourself… Let go of that.
What you fear… Let go of that.
What you think of others… Let go of that.
How you see the world… Let go of that.
What you understand and don’t understand…Let go of that.
What you want apart from what Allah wants… Let go of that.
Jealousies, fears, hopes, convictions, beliefs... Let go.

This is the great YES that we said before the beginning of time. We said Yes to Allah, to our desire for Allah and Allah’s desire for us. We said Yes to Allah as master and lover. We said Yes to Allah as our hearing and our seeing. We said Yes to Allah as the true identity of our self.
What was is now.
The breath within our breath, the living reality, the knowing One, the Beloved who is always asking for a loan... that one is here now.

Make use of these last ten days…

Ya Ishk Ya Ramadan Ya Karim

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