In Allah’s Boundless Compassion and Love

Peace to your hearts dear companions and travelers in the Ramadan.

The more one swims in the ocean of Koran the vaster the ocean becomes. The Koran has been called a ‘shoreless ocean’ and indeed it is to this poor faqir who strives to gather a few pearls and corals from this ocean, and seems to be getting further and further from shore, further from reaching the other side.

Here are a few of the treasures.

Ya Hu Ya Ishk Ya Quran
Fariha Nur

A new light and clarity has come to you from Allah and a Book of revelations bringing fresh understanding to the heart, by which Allah leads those who long for His Pleasure to the ways of peace and guides them out of the darkness of confusion into the Light of certainty, by His Own power, onto a Way that leads directly to Him.


The ‘light’ is a new level of Allah’s light shining through the light of the heart of the Prophet Muhammad, saws, which illumines all the hearts and lifts them to a new level. The light is also the light of our own heart which is newly revealed by the Prophet’s light. Through the light we are guided home to the Source of light. Light is life. Light is bliss. Light is reality. From light all creation is formed. As Shaykh Nur declared in his youthful poem, "All is light!"

The ‘Book’ is the key to all knowledge infused in the form of the Koran. Outwardly it speaks with praise, admonition and remembrance, it is the Zikr of Allah. And secretly it is the cipher of the heart of humanity and the entire universe and all beings within it. The Book has miraculous powers invested in it. Reading it is medicine. Hearing it is hearing the voice of Allah. Revering it will increase one's nobility and fortune. Following it will bring one to happiness.


When those come to you whose hearts are open to Our Signs offer them the greeting of peace and put them at ease by telling them, ‘Your Lord has inscribed Mercy for Himself.’


This ayat depicts the wondrous flow of love and mercy from Allah to the servant who comes seeking for guidance and love. In offering the Salam Aleykum from Allah, the Prophet, may he be showered in sublime peace, is the channel for this love. He is told to inform people that Allah is merciful and forgiving. For people are fearful and are prone to seeing God through the lens of their own soul. Allah has inscribed Mercy for Himself, meaning that all that will come from Him is mercy. He has forbidden harshness or cruelty to Himself. This is a great revelation, maybe the greatest for us. Our lives change completely when we first hear this. We are brought from darkness to light. We realize that all is mercy, all the painful events, all the tests and trials, all the lostness, all the apparent insanity is mercy! Allah has inscribed Mercy for Himself so we are safe. We are home. In Allah's Mercy.

This ayat is like the covenant of Sufi community. For Allah has inscribed mercy for all of His representatives. They are all channels of Divine mercy. And people are drawn to the Mercy as creatures to water. We need mercy as it is the essence of our heart, and we seek it. When we hear from an authentic person who is a link in an authentic tradition that Divine Mercy is real, that God is real, and that one can link one’s heart to the mercy and to a community of like hearted people we are overwhelmed. And we take hand. And then we become ourselves channels of mercy. And we offer the Salam Aleykum and we speak with the vibration of God’s love and forgiveness. We embody the love and we live it. And humanity is healed and the world is restored. This is the power of Salam and Salam Aleykum.

Ya Nur Ya Kitab Ya Mu'min Ya Salam
Ya Rahman Ya Rahim
Ya Hu!

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