Ya Muharram, O One, Ya Imam Huseyn


Peace to your hearts beloved Dervishes and blessed New Year!

May our Creator and Sustainer and Beloved shower us with Mercy and New Knowledge and true Guidance and Mystic Emptiness in this Koranic year of 1441.

The number 1441 computes into the number 1 in the numerological method.
One in number. One in reality. The One behind the face of the many.
Shining, everywhere, all-embracing, all merciful, all powerful, all forgiving.
Proclaiming and singing I Am.
La illahe ilallah, La ilahe illa ana.
In each atom.
Nearer than near to us.
From Whom we are and in Whom we abide.
Our Source and our Goal.

Tender Friend and Companion.
Best Counselor.
The One loving us unconditionally.
The One Who cloaked our spirits in water and clay so that we could be complete, the khalif.
The One to Whom we said Yes in the pre-eternal realm and to Whom we said Yes when we took hand and became dervish.
The One Who places His friends at the threshold to welcome others.
The One Who is He. The One Who is She. The One Who is You. The One Who is I.
Wherever we look we are looking on that One.
All prayers and beautiful deeds go to that One.
All inspiration arises in that One.
The angels sing the praises of that One, the Mukarrabun are lost in adoration of that One.
The stars and the trees, the sun and the moon, the light and the shadow and all creatures prostrate to that One.
The atoms and the planets whirl for that One.
That One is speaking on the tongues and listening with the ears and feeling in the heart and walking on the earth and singing and whirling and weeping and laughing.
That One.

Imam Huseyn, radialluh anhu, was gazing only on that One during his trial and affliction which lasted these ten days of Muharram.
His family and companions were looking to Huseyn who was gazing at the One.
And his cloak fell and he became the One.
It was the One standing in the field of Karbala praying and pleading while the arrows and swords of affliction cut down the best of humanity.
Imam Huseyn, ra, could have saved himself and his family and companions with divine Power.
But the One took on the cloak of suffering and tribulation which is a mark of this world.
To demonstrate the face of Truth.
To show that Truth is victorious in the cloak of water and clay.
For everyone who is born in this world is a martyr.
A martyr of love who has accepted to be in the Karbala of this world for the sake of the One.

We must pray for calamites to be averted.
But, may we not fear. May we not despair.

May we keep turning our gaze to the One.
Trusting, loving, humble, faithful, empty.
While we are feeling tested.
While we are feeling at ease.
Turn and turn again,
and again.

O Allah please bless our master Imam Huseyn and his sister Zainab and his children and the mothers of his children and the martyr companions who offered their lives with his on the terrible field of Karbala.

O Kind and Merciful One, please protect us from calamity, and the calamity of forgetting You and becoming ungrateful.

“O Allah please give us the Good of this year. Please give us the Victory of this year. Please give us the Guidance of this year. Please give us the Help of this year. And please give us a portion of every good you send down in this year.”

One of the prayers of the beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family and community, and peace be upon all of the Prophets and their communities throughout time and eternity.

I have replaced the word ‘day’ with the word ‘year’.

We will send out the prayer which he, bless him and grant him peace, recited on the first day of Muharram (see below).

O Allah, please send Your loving peace and mercy upon the Martyrs of Karbala and upon all those who have suffered martyrdom and who are presently suffering in this world! May Your Sakina descend upon them.

Together in awe Fariha

This coming Monday is the 10th of Muharram.

Please honor it with your prayers and the prayer of Imam Huseyn and the Wird or Zikr. If Zikr is offered it is recommended not to use bendirs.


Prayer of Prophet Muhammad on first of Muharram

O Allah, You are Eternal Reality, Creator of time,
And this is a new year.
I beg of you safety in it from the one who embodies all negativity.
I beg of you mastery of my limited self which inclines to negativity.
And I beg of you engagement in everything which draws me near to You.

O Generous and Merciful One!
O Lord of majesty and embracing generosity!
O Supporter of the one who has no support.
O Provider of the one who has no provision.
O Shelter of the one who has no shelter.
O Helper of the one who has no helper.
O Reliance of the one who has no one to lean on.
O Treasure of the one who has no treasure.
O You Who makes tests and trials a way of mercy.
O Ultimate Hope.
O Strength of the weak.
O Rescuer of the drowning.
O Savior from destruction.
O Benefactor! O Munificent!
O All Bestower! O All Benevolent!
Before You prostrates the blackness of the night
and the brightness of the day, the radiance of the moon and the glory of the sun, the ripple of the water, and the rustling of the trees.
You have no equal and no partner.
O Beloved Allah please make us better than what is thought of us.
Forgive us for that which remains hidden about us,
And do not blame us for what is said regarding us.
Sufficient for me is Allah, and there is no reality apart from Allah.
On Allah alone do I rely, Lord of the magnificent throne.
In this do we believe, that all comes from our Lord.
And none are aware of this except the people of insight.
O Lord and Lover of ours, do not let our hearts swerve after You have guided us!
And grant us mercy from Your own Presence, for You are the Bestower of mercy without limit.

Amin! Amin! Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aleymin! All praises flow from every point and place of praise to the Source and Goal of all beings!


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