Ya Imam Huseyn and the Martyrs of Karbala, Ya Ashura!


Beloveds on the Path of Love

Peace to your hearts on this day of Karbala and this day of Ashura when the Prophets, the Mothers and their Communities received the abounding Grace of Allah.

There is no salvation without Allah
There is no peace and no joy without Allah
There is no reality without Allah
And humanity is the great secret of Allah revealed through our earthly life, both suffering and joyful.

On this day we turn to the beloved Imam Husayn, may he be showered in Allah’s peace. We send blessings to his soul and to the souls of the community of lovers who lived and died by his side.
They lived and died in the earth for love to Allah, and for this they are called martyrs, the witnesses, the ones who see the Truth before the great unveiling of the next world. And for this they are now spiritually rejoicing in eternal Presence.

There is both sadness and joy in this day. There is both the bearing of terrible suffering and the great release from suffering, the arrival of Grace and the transformation of tears into joy.

“O Muhammad, give joyful news to the faithful ones that Allah’s saving Grace has come and the victory of Love is here.”

If we are able to hold in our heart both of the qualities of this day we take a step toward spiritual maturity.

Earth is hardship, a place of tests and trials, and also the locus for fulfilling our destiny as lovers of Allah. All the elements needed to attain spiritual maturity are here if we live consciously turning to Allah, gazing at the Countenance of Allah, and devoting our waking moments to praising and thanking Allah. Living for Allah and dying for Allah, like the martyrs of Karbala. Engaging in good actions for the sake of Allah, cognizant that Allah is the true Doer. Giving our lives over to Allah recognizing that Allah is the only Existing.

“Who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan…”

On this day of immense spiritual worth we also send our loving greetings and peace to all the Prophets and their communities, for each one suffered affliction and was relieved on this day.
Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi, writes about some of them in Irshad.

Issa, aleyhi salam, was raised to the fourth heaven and so freed from persecution.
Moses, Miriam and Harun, may they be showered in peace, crossed safely through the Red Sea with the community of the faithful on this day.
Abraham, aleyhi salam, was thrown into the fire on this day and the fire did not burn him.
Noah and the faithful in the Ark landed on the firm ground of Mt Judi after forty days on the water
Jonah, aleyhi salam, was delivered from the belly of the whale

These events teach us that our suffering finds solution. They remind us that our prayers are answered. They demonstrate that the faithful heart will prevail. This is a day for refreshing our faith and deepening our trust in Allah.
This is a day for seeing past the shadow play of the world and gazing at the only Real which is Allah’s Face.

May we sing with beloved Nur al Jerrahi:

Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah
Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah (2x)
All conscious beings
Are the conscious being of You

You present me
With all these passing states of consciousness
You only are all seeing and hearing that I am
All that I am
You are all that I am

This great secret allows me ceaselessly to see Your Face
As destined weeping and rejoicing flow
So gracefully
You are simply all that I am

Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah
Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah (2x)
All conscious beings
Are the conscious being of you

Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah
Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah (2x)
Sultan Allah
Your Light is the Essence of my soul.

Ya Allah Hu!

Fariha al Jerrahi

Today we are also remembering our beloved Zhati and sending prayers for her soul and for her family.
She passed on the day of Karbala one year ago.
Her extreme suffering was caused by the early death of her son.
Her salvation was that she was taken from her earthly body and transported into the next realm where she could be with him. She still roams in this world helping people and giving them counsel in dreams. She is like the Little Flower of God, Saint Therese of Lisieux, “Let my Heaven be spent in helping those on earth.”
Blessed Day of Ashura!

Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi, relates the story of Imam Huseyn and the event of Karbala in a very concise way in Irshad pp. 637-642. I suggest that we read this account today. And that we spend the day in contemplation and prayer.

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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