Ali Amir al Muminin

In the Overflowing Compassion and Love of the Beloved


Today, the 13th of Rajab is the birth anniversary of Imam Ali, may Allah always increase him in mercy and illuminate his noble countenance.

Ali, Hashimite, was nobly born from the blessed womb of his mother called Fatima, inside the Kabaa.
Ali was taken as a baby by the Rasul and Mother Khadija to live in their household.
Ali was carried around in the arms of the Prophet like his own son.
Ali would sleep in the bed of the Prophet and remembered lifelong the sweet fragrance of his blessed body.
Ali at the age of 10 ran to the Prophet’s side at the annunciatory banquet when the Prophet asked his attending family members who of them would come to his side in the way of Allah and no one came except the child Ali.
Ali who was then declared by the Prophet to be the master of those present, infuriating the men who said, ‘How can a child be our master?’
Ali, who became the best and bravest of the warriors in battle was also the most eloquent of the eloquent Arabs.
Ali, the deep well of spiritual secrets.
The Prophet declared, “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.”
Ali, the most profound intellect and spiritually mature, became the trunk of the tree of Tariqat, the master of the Way.
Ali, chosen by the Prophet to be the husband of Fatima the Illumined.
Ali, father of Imam Hasan, Imam Huseyn and Hazreti Zaynab the truthful.
Ali, Amir al Muminin, the most capable of governing and guiding.
Ali the most merciful and forgiving.
Ali, the prince of hearts, carried water in a leather pouch in the streets of Medina for a living.
Ali, the true faqir, in body, soul and spirit.
Ali, the most consumed with love for Allah.
Ali, whirling alone in the desert like an ecstatic mad person calling Allah’s Names.
Ali Rahim Ali Rahman
Ali Warithudin, the inheritor of the treasury of the heart of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim.

“Over whomsoever I am the mawla, ‘Ali is also the mawla.” The truthful words of the Messenger, may he be showered in divine peace.

"The best revenge is to improve yourself." Ali

Muzaffer Effendi’s Urs Day and the first day of Rajab

In the Beautiful and Intimate Power of Love

Peace and Blessings upon all of you on this day and all to follow. May the latter days be better for you than the former. May our Lord and Lover give us until we are well pleased. May the days of the new humanity unfold, each more astonishing.

Congratulations on the first day of the month of Rajab, called the Month of Allah for its abundance of mercy and forgiveness. It is also the gate to the Ramadan. And may boundless blessings shower upon you for this day of Muzaffer Effendi's Urs. He passed at 2 AM in the morning on the 13th of February, so we can honor his Urs either on the 12 or the 13th. Both partake of the blessing of his transition into the Realm of Beauty, as sad as it was for those on earth who felt bereft of the ocean of his presence.

Because of the exact overlap of Effendi's Urs with the beginning of Rajab - which is a brilliant sign of divine Mercy - i would like for us to dedicate this Month to him. Singing his ilahis, reading passages from his books (we will send a list of them in English), dedicating zikrullah and Koranic readings to him, offering the Wirds and Salawats. Please be in touch with your Circle Guides for the details of what you could each offer.

Also for today i would like for us to dedicate recitation of La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah to him, with a few Salawats, and also the Tasbih Ya Aziz which is his inner divine Name. We offered 165 Ya Aziz last night in our Meshk, but any amount you offer, such as 11, 33,101,165 is good. Please be in touch with your Circle Guides.

[Please offer a Fatiha for Mehlika Sultan]

Alahamdulillah! May Allah's blessings pour upon the beloved Effendi and upon all of us and upon all beings!
In the living, breathing, hearing and seeing heart of HU.

Fariha Fatima

Blessed Year 2021


Beloved Dervishes of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Community

May you have a wonderful year!
With every moment a new revelation of Allah's Beauty and Love and Majesty.
May you be protected from harm, sheltered in the breasts of the Pirs.
May your faith multiply, faith within faith.
May your knowledge increase, and with it the knowledge that you cannot truly know. You can only Be.
May compassion increase in your heart.
May your actions bear fruit.
May your turning to Allah, Tawwab, be constant.
May you love to ask for forgiveness, from Allah and from people.
May the bond with Allah, the Prophet, the Pirs, the Circle Guides, this Faqir and the Community strengthen and grow.
May your families be places of peace.
May your parents and ancestors be blessed through your dervishood.
May generosity expand, sustenance increase.
May your joy in life, in Allah's life, deepen.
May your senses become more acute.
May your perception become finer and more subtle.
May you dissolve in the One and reappear through the One.

Heart in Heart in this world and the next.
Fariha Fatima

Hazreti Issa aleyhi Salam and Hazreti Nur rahmetullah aleyhi

In Allah's Boundless Love

Blessed Day Beloveds!

May the devotion and Truth of Hazreti Maryam, alayhi Salam,
and the Ruh of Hazreti Issa, alayhi Salam,
enter our hearts on this day of his birth and her birth-giving
and may their exalted Way be our Way
"guide us on the path of the exalted Messengers of unwavering faith."

Blessed birth of Nur al Anwar who awakened our hearts to pre-eternal Light
and ever present Love
May he be in the company of the Messengers and Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah alayhi
May he drink the water of Kauthar from the hand of the beloved Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa sellim
May he be surrounded by his Community of perfect imperfect humanity
May we all be Nur
Hu Ishk

Mevlana’s Counsel


Peace to you hearts beloved Circle Guides and Dervishes,

Here is some wisdom from Mevlana that can steady us by pointing to the beautiful true purpose of our lives in the midst of afflictions. Whoever wins the Presidency will not change this truth.

One day, Mevlana was speaking and became passionate as he shared divine insights coming to his heart:

“Woe to the one who has known us and woe to the one who has not known us, the one who has not perceived that the goal of creation is to know their Creator.

I have created subtle beings and human beings only for them to adore Me and know Me as their Cherisher and Lover. (51:56)

“Unfortunate is the one who has not known God and missed the opportunity, and unfortunate is the one who has known God but has not honored His Majesty and has not been grateful for His favors.

Mevlana then recited a couplet:
Many a beloved remains unknown
By unfortunate ones ignorant of Love.”

Our task as dervishes is to know our Beloved in awe and gratitude, and to help others reach this station.

Then we can be true servants of Rahman who feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty and clothe the naked. These most exalted actions can be offered in whatever state the world is in.

Yet…may the best and most capable candidates who have the interest of humanity in their hearts win the positions which allow them to serve.

May the new humanity blossom!

Blessed Day of the Beloved

May we adorn it with our love and gratitude and faith.

Fariha Fatima

This counsel is from Manaqib al Arifin, by Aflaki, translated and selected by Camille Helminski as Rumi and His Friends.



Beloved Circle Guides, Dervishes and Mothers and Fathers,

Our beloved Baqi Taslima has asked me to contemplate and respond to some of your objections to a Kurban. She herself has written a letter which i honor. Thank you. Forgive me if I proposed something that goes against your heart and conscience.

If you are vegetarian or vegan it is completely consonant with your position to opt out of a Kurban. I overlooked your views and I ask forgiveness for this oversight.

At the same time I want to clarify that a Kurban is the act of transferring another creature’s life to our own in a sacred manner. It is conducted with gratitude, prayers and petitions to God, and prayers for the creature to continue its life in a beautiful way and prayers for all creatures who are living on this planet together with human beings. The life of the creature is taken gently thru blood letting so it goes into a gentle dormancy and then passes thru the door of death. Its death is a taste, a passing state, not a terminal state.

I agree that this is a huge thing, to take another’s life to support our own. The thought of it makes us bow in humility, and for its very hugeness many people have become vegetarian. Maybe some day everyone on earth will be vegetarian. Many of us are tending in that direction. Until then, the Kurban will be an act that can make halal all of our eating, just as one prayer can stand for all of our times of not praying. Reflect that the flesh we normally consume comes from a creature who has a much worse experience than the creature who is offered as a sacrifice. But because of the separation between buying a piece of meat in the grocery store and the actual experience of the creature during its confined life and its death we do not feel the same pain.

I am in complete accord with animal activists who are working to bring better living conditions to all the beings whom we designate with that name, meaning ‘soul, anima’. The level to which we have fallen in our care for the beings who help to feed us, the beings who share this planet with us and for the planet itself is so appalling that we cannot even envision it. Looking at it is looking at a level of hell.

Know that the careful, conscious taking of a creature’s life to feed the poor is not the same thing.

And yet today the ones responsible for Kurban at the time of the big feasts have themselves fallen to a low level of mistreatment and apparent unconcern for the creatures. These are packed on boats and herded in pens and slaughtered rapidly without the love, gentleness and prayer that Kurban requires.

Many years ago in the New York Dergah, after Mustafa and Ali were both horrified by the agonizing conditions at the local Muslim slaughter house, Mustafa and his wife Rahima set out to find another way. They ended up with the Amish who raise their creatures closer to the way God prefers. And then our Amish lamb was sacrificed in the true halal way. At other times we have opted out of a literal sacrifice and we have contributed our feast donations to an organization called “Heifer” which distributes lambs, chickens, ducks, beehives, cows, goats and more to families around the world. It is a brilliant organization working to lift people living on the land out of poverty. The creatures are not intended for slaughter but rather for culling the wool, milk, eggs and honey they provide.

The solution to our dilemma, as one of us suggested, could be to donate to such an organization or to donate to our local food pantry. Each circle can donate to its own.

The main thing is that we are helping others to eat and survive.

The original intention for this Kurban was to bring peace to the hearts of the Mothers in our Tariqat who feel pain and distress and insufficiency, as well as to be a blessing for all of our children and grandchildren. If there is a better way then let’s follow it. I know that many of you are suffering financial stress too, so it would also be an option to help someone in your circle. Even a little bit of help from the hand of a dervish is multiplied like the ears of corn from a seed of corn. If some of you still want to join together to offer a Kurban then you are also encouraged to do so. Each of us, with our differing temperaments and interpretations of truth, is on a path to the Beloved. Our brother Ibrahim in New Mexico was instructed in the Dergah in Mexico City on how to conduct a Kurban. He has offered his service if requested.

One final note, let’s make this offering an offering from both the mothers and the fathers, because both have the great responsibility for the children and both have hearts that suffer and are wounded. And further, as we go from the particular to the universal, whoever wants to participate in this offering of Sadaqa out of a concern and love to their dervish students if they are circle guides or out of a love and concern for the community of humanity, please do so. We are all the parents giving birth to and care-taking the new humanity.

Allah is the Generous Sustainor and the One Who multiplies all the blessings.

Ya Mujib, Ya Karim, Ya Razzaq, Ya Salam, Ya Rahman, Ya Hu.

Fariha Fatimah

Happy Birthday Mevlana!

In Allah’s Bountiful Astounding Mercy and Love

Beloved Shaykha Amina, Circle Guides, Dervishes,

Happy Birthday to Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi and to each of you and to all of his lovers and beloveds.

My favorite poem of Rumi is the life which keeps pouring from the breast of the Beloved and the form which this magnificent life takes in each of you and in the entirety of this ecstatic and bewildering creation.

May this song of divine love continue forever!

Sing to each other, as brother Khabir said in the dream. Sing the song of love and tenderness and weeping and joy!

For we are of Allah and we return to Allah moment by bewildering moment.

Ya Mevlana! Ya Shams! Ya Nureddin Jerrahi! Ya Amina Taslima! Ya Ashki Aziz! Ya Nur al Anwar! Ya Maryam! Ya Fatima! Ya Rabia!

Ya Insan!

Ya Hayy! Ya Haqq! Ya Hu!


Rosh Hashana Tova


Blessings for this New Year, Rosh Hashana Tova!

Blessings on all those who were born in this past year and blessings on all those who have left for the realm of Beauty.

Blessings on Zhati Munajat, our incomparable companion and dervish lover and explorer of the realms of divine friendship and human justice, and on all the friends of Allah who have passed.

Blessings on Ruth Bader Ginsburg who held out for as long as she could so that the light of justice would continue shining through her courageous soul in the highest court of the land.

Blessings on all of us who remain in our earthly bodies so that the light of love ‘may flash from Allah’s heart to Allah’s heart,’ and the desire of the Beloved be fulfilled in this realm.

May we be guided by the most sublime light of Allah and consoled by the most precious love of Allah.

And forgiven and renewed by the most encompassing compassion of Allah.

May we be given eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to love and minds to be bewildered and arms to embrace and tongues to speak beauty and hands to work compassion and feet to walk on the ways of truth.

May the peoples of Revelation be shoulder to shoulder and heart in heart.

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim YaHu Ya Ishk

Fariha Fatima

The Tenth of Muharram


Peace to your hearts blessed Dervish companions,

This is such a holy day.

This is a day of redemption for humanity.

This is a day when the communities of faith under the guidance of their Prophets are victorious.

It is good to recall a little of the bounty of this day.

It increases our faith to relate how Adam and Eve were retrieved from their period of suffering and invited back into the embrace of their Cherisher. They had undergone the sorrow of love and longing and regret – they had themselves asked to taste and know love while in the garden – and on this day they were united with their Beloved in mystical marriage, a form of love they had not known before. This was the beginning on earth of the path of Love.

On this day Noah and the people of the Ark landed on Mount Judi, illumined with the divine sign of the rainbow, fulfilling the promise given to them. They disembarked and made the first Ashura feast out of their provisions, which had been reduced to the bottom of their barrels. Since that holy feast a group of the faithful has celebrated Allah’s generosity and saving Grace by joining together on this day and gratefully consuming the grains and seeds and fruits of the earth. In pre-eternity these grains first emerged from the mystical body of Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu aleyhi wa salam.

On this day the Prophet Abraham, aleyhi salam, was saved in the fire of Nimrod when his Lord said to the fire, “O fire, become cool for my friend Abraham. Become a garden of paradise for him.” From that day forward the community of the faithful can find peace in the fire of their tribulations.

This is the day Moses and his community, peace be upon them, crossed safely through the Red Sea by command of their Cherisher Who parted the water for them, allowing them to escape from the tribulation of Pharoah. From that day on the community of the faithful have the certainty that they will be saved from oppression and injustice.

This is the day Jesus, aleyhi salam, was elevated to the fourth heaven, from which he will one day descend by command of his Cherisher to guide humanity with the wisdom and justice and compassion embodied in all of the Prophets and completed and illumined by the Way of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and upon humanity.

That day there will be no more arguments between the religions and between the nations.

This day of Ashura is the day that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, rejected and threatened by his own relatives, the rulers of Mecca, entered Medina, the city of peace.

From this day forward the people of heart knew that they could establish the way of love and a community of love embedded in the fabric of the earth, woven into the daily life of the world. This is the planting of the seed of Sufism in the world. This is the beginning of the way of living in the world and joining together with humanity, disguised in the colors of the world, but not being of the world.

Today, the tenth day of Muharram, is the day of the tragedy of Karbala and the victory of Imam Huseyn and his holy Family and blessed Companions. May they be blessed and cherished and followed forever by the lovers of Allah!

This is the day of the tragedy of Karbala and the victory of truth.

This is the day that sealed the victory of Islam, the way of living in peace with creation and in annihilation in Allah.

May we follow this Way. May we follow the Way of Imam Huseyn, peace by upon him and his family and followers.

May we be counted among those who love him and who are called by divine Grace to be close to him.

May we be among those who wipe away the tears of Hazreti Fatima, his exalted Mother, by remembering Imam Huseyn and honoring him in our heart and in our actions.

May we wipe away the tears of Mother Fatima, aleyhi salam, by helping those in need, consoling the sad ones, offering hope to the desperate ones, feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty – in the spiritual and in the earthly levels.

May we be among those who follow the Prophets and Mothers and kiss their holy feet, peace be upon them all.

May we be among those who establish their Sunnah. May we be among those who establish the Sunnah of the beloved of Allah, sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

May we be among those who call humanity to love, the ultimate truth.

Together in the holy love of Imam Huseyn and the Martyrs of Karbala.

Together in the holy way of Imam Huseyn demonstrated and lived by our great Pirs and Shaykhs, Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Mother Amina Taslima al Jerrahi, Muzaffer Ashki Aziz al Jerrahi, Nur al Anwar al Malik al Jerrahi, and all the Shaykhs of our lineage.

May we offer our lives in gratitude to their lives of holy sacrifice and holy love.


Tonight please transform your meal into an Ashura meal by offering a Fatiha to the souls of Imam Huseyn and the martyrs of Karbala and to the souls of all the Prophets and Mothers and Communities and to all those suffering in this earth and all those redeemed in this earth. Dedicate your meal to humanity.