We welcome the first nite of the month of Shaban with Salawat


Peace and blessings to your hearts dear Dervishes on this first nite of the month of Shaban which is the month of Rasulallah, sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim.

May his name and the names of his wives, family, offspring and companions come frequently to our hearts and lips in this month as we send them salutations and praises.

Let us begin tonite with offering two Salawats given to us by beloved Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi.

Salawat 9:

O Beloved Allah please shower Your blessings upon our Master Muhammad and the noble family of Muhammad as many times as there are breaths in created beings.

Allahume salli 'ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa 'ala ali Muhammadin bi adadi anfasil khala'ik.

Salawat 34:

O Allah please shower Your blessings upon our Master Muhammad the gentle prophet, possessor of the highest station and master of clear and eloquent speech.

Allahume salli 'ala sayyidina Muhammadin an nabiyyil malih, sahibil maqam-l-'ala wa lisani fasih.

May he bless us through his intercession!

Love HU

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