In Allah’s Love and Mercy Always Near

Dearest Companions

The hearts are trembling when the demons enter the holy places of worship and destroy the sacred human form, when the demons enter schools where children are harbored and destroy the tender sacred human form, when demons enter communal places where people meet each other and destroy the sacred human form, when demons enter the human mind and turn it into an enemy of the heart.

When this happens we know that Humanity as a whole, the entire human family, is being tested.

When this happens the way to respond is to come together and affirm our humanity, our inheritance from God, Allah, as living vessels of  mercy and wisdom on earth. This affirmation of essential unity within our diversity dispels the forces of negativity from our human soul. So as a response to the events in Christchurch (Christ is truly there in the midst of the tragedy), feel more connected to everyone on earth, reach out more, recognize our shared human/divine inheritance and pray for forgiveness and guidance for all of us and pray that the mutual love for each other rises in our hearts. When you walk on the streets feel that everyone there is your family. When you are in the subway or on a bus, train or plane feel that everyone there is your family. When you are driving your car feel that everyone else in their cars are your family. And ask Allah to bless them even if they do not behave on the highest level. Never indulge in separateness. Someone who misbehaves is as much or more in need of our prayer. If something is toxic we wrap it up to protect our self and others from it, and also to protect it from itself. Prayer for people exhibiting negation is like this wrapping. They are put inside a cocoon of mercy which incapacitates their negative energy.

We learn to distinguish the human being from the demonic entities. The latter can enter into human consciousness but we should not equate them. We are praying for the human soul to become free of negativity.

By holding this prayerful state of conscious unity we will help to bring about peace. For peace only comes with unity. We will never achieve peace through separation.

As a meditation you can imagine and feel that the entire world of humanity is in your heart and that you are nourishing it through your life and your love, and asking for blessings upon it from the Creator, Lover and Lord of humanity.

Please recite the Evening or Morning Wird as an offering to the souls of the victims and their families, and recite it also for the perpetrator and his family and all those who fall into darkness that they may be released therefrom through Allah’s Ever-Present Mercy.

In the heart of our humanity, together

Fariha Fatima Nur

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