Miraj Night

In the Name of Allah’s All Powerful Love that Lifts Us into Intimate Nearness


The words of exalted love ring in Archangel Gabriel’s ear,

“O Gabriel, do you know what night this is?”

With these words the Sultan of all the worlds opens the night of Miraj and asks his entrusted and glorious Angel to spread the news that the beloved of His heart, Muhammad, saws, will be brought to Him to witness Him directly and speak with Him intimately.

“Tonight, convey my command and good tidings to all My worlds! Tonight I shall take my beloved to My station.  My heavens, My Lote Tree, My Prosperous House, My Throne, My Footstool and My Paradise will be adorned with the dust of My beloved’s feet.”

On this queen of nights the Supreme Beloved will bestow such immense gifts upon the beloved Muhammad for humanity that the destiny of humanity will be eternally changed.

O Dervish lovers, what night is this?

This night we are invited to witness the supreme journey of return to the Adored Beloved and to discover that we too are the beloveds.

This is a night of majestic blessing and manifold gifts… for us. The gift of salat and tasbih, the gift of the earth as a place of prayer, the gift of being welcomed back to the Home of Peace with complete forgiveness and ultimate nearness to the Beloved, the gift of boundless mercy as our birthright…. these gifts are ours.

This is a night to experience our own Miraj by spending it in prayer and Zikrullah.

Seek the ascension through your heart, by going into the inner chambers of your heart and communing with the Beloved there.

If your circle guide is hosting a zikr please attend.

If not, pray and offer tasbih and salawats at home.

And if you want to learn more of the Miraj journey of our Prophet please read about it in the Irshad pp 437-471.

And in the Atom in the section of Mevlud.

And you may read of Shaykh Nur’s own Miraj as a waking dream which he named 'With the Prophet Muhammad in Paradise' in the introduction to Heart of Koran.

O Beloved of our hearts, please take each of us on a beautiful Ascension this night!

Heart in heart in the Ascension of Love

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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