Muzaffer Effendi’s Urs Night

In Allah’s All Embracing Love

O Effendi, you are our love

You are the beauty mark on the face of the Beloved

You are the wine of the people of the tavern

You are the milk for the shepherds of the Ummat

You are the honey for the bees of bewilderment

You are the water of life which made us alive

You are the pride of the Prophets

You are the heart child of the Mothers

You are the husband of the brides of Allah

You are the cave of the people of halvet

You are the signpost of the lost ones

You are the security of the fearful

You are the light of our hearts

You are our hope and our tent pole

You are our Effendi

And we, we are your spirit

We are the La ilahe ilallah flowing in your veins

We are the fruit on your tree of Tariqat

We are your heart children

We are your companions, your people

We are the light of your eyes and the joy of your heart

And you, you are our Noah’s ark

You are our covenant with Allah, holding back calamity and bringing down blessings

You are the tent of Abraham where the people of revelation are welcome

You are the she camel of Allah

You are Jesus resurrecting our dead hearts

You are the heart of the Prophet Muhammad, saws

You are Surah Rahman

You are the morning star of the East

You are the black stone kissed by the faithful

And we, we are the answer to your prayers

We are your heart companions

We are your ummat

We are the light of your eyes and the joy of your heart

We are you and you are we

Forever together, forever in bliss

Immer Zusammen Immer Glucklich

Please let us offer prayer and tasbih for Effendi’s beautiful and magnificent soul.  You may offer 100 or more La ilahe ilallah Muhammad rasulallah or the Wird or Salawats.  He passed in the night of February 12 to the 13th at 2 AM, on his knees in salat crying out Allah!

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