Every breath is a path to Allah, each life an open door!


And tell them, ‘It is He Who has created you and made for you the faculties of hearing, seeing, feeling and understanding. How little thanks you give.’ - Quran 67:23

Life. Living. Alive. Breathing. Hearing.  Seeing. Feeling. Knowing. Loving. Relating. Inspiring.

Who can count the value of life?

The Hidden Essence has brought us forth from nothing – where there was no experience, no realizing, no joy, no sound, no breath, no love, no tenderness, no tears, no giving, no receiving, no kissing, no loving, no children, no parents, no guides, no companions, no pain, no reconciliation, no touch, no singing, no intelligence, no discovery, no astonishing creation…. And has shared Its boundless divine life of infinite possibilities with us.

The Creator. The Bestower. The Beautiful. The Transformer. The Generous. The Lord. The Lover. The Grateful. The Healer. The Embracer. The Watchful Guide. Our Lord and Lord of all Creation.

He is our life.

She is life.

Sharing attributes and qualities…

We are living Allah’s Life and are given Allah’s attributes to live divinely, fully and eternally.

It is for us to realize and appreciate this life, our life, with every cell of our being.

It is for us to give thanks with every breath.

For every breath is passing. Every breath is here now and then gone.

And its record is held.

How we breathed, with what richness and generosity of heart is in a record, waiting.

And each breath creates a new record that can erase the past ones and make them beautiful.

So let us breath the saving breath, a repenting breath, a caring and loving breath, a humble and grateful and amazed breath… each breath will lift a veil of the heart-melting Face.

Even a life born into difficulty is an inestimable life, for it is Allah’s life whether we realize it or not.

And each life, no matter its outer circumstances, has the possibility to know itself as divine, and turn and be grateful. And this is the greatest.

And when we come to know our self, who we are truly, then the difficulties will burn like moths in a flame.

And we will taste a drop of the experience of Rabia Adawiya when she said to her companions that she sees no difficulty. They had come to consult with her on the station of gratitude. One said that gratitude was to give thanks for the bounties received. The other said that it was to give thanks after distress. The other said that it was to give thanks during the distress. Rabia declared that she saw no distress. Absorbed and melted in her Beloved she saw only her Beloved.

The spirit is not touched by difficulty. The spirit is enamored and enlightened and lives this life like the guest of God.

For us, let us remember to be grateful before, during and after the distress. Then we have the possibility to come to something even greater. We cannot reach to high levels of our life without gratitude, for everything.

Remember Me, be in zikr to Me, and you will find Me remembering you and being in zikr with you. Be grateful to Me and do not veil your self from Me. - Quran 2, 152

 Zikrullah and Shukrullah are together. When we are grateful we are in zikr.

“Every breath is a path to Allah, each life an open door,” sings Nur al Jerrahi and his lover companions!

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