Welcome Rajab

In the Living, Loving, Knowing, Willing, Hearing, Seeing, Speaking Reality that is our reality

Dearest Circle Guides and Dervishes Blessed Rajab!

May Allah rejoice us and forgive us and call us near in this miraculous month of Rajab. May love flourish. May the knots of conflict and destructive habits be loosened. May solutions for impossibilities be found. May doors to new knowledge open. May hearts be reconciled and harmonized. May we ask forgiveness from each other. And give thanks to each other. And love each other more for Allah's sake.

Pray intensely, forgive completely, love abundantly.
Together in the mercy and brilliance of RajabFariha Fatima

Here are some ilahi verses to sing in the Rajab. Thank you Haqiqa Mu'alima for finding them.

Here are some ilahi verses to sing in the Rajab. Thank you Haqiqa Mu'alima for finding them.


Alim Allah
Azim Allah
Knower of all the hearts
Magnificent Heart

Essence of Allah
Pure love and mercy
Living in all the hearts
Rajab is Rahman


No faults exist here
All is perfection
Held in His knowledge
Rajab is Rahman


Thankful and peaceful
Rejoicing in Him
He is the Lord of Love
Rajab is Rahman


One mystic body
Shining as Essence
Flooding the world with light
Rajab is Rahman

These verses could be sung after the verses from the original ilahi #72 or on their own with the same melody. You might add more Rajab verses if they are inspired to your hearts.

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