Dance and Sing with the Lovers of Love

In Astounding Mercy, in Love beyond Reason

For the lovers on this Easter Day

Rumi proclaims:

In the house of lovers,
the music never stops.
The walls are made of songs
and the floor dances.

So lovers, on this day of resurrection of the Spirit of God, do not stop singing in your hearts and in your cells, on your tongues and through your actions. Let your prayers be songs to the All Forgiving All Bestowing All Loving One. Weep with the deep sound of repentance and return, weep with the song of unity with others and immersion in life’s lament and praise. The cry of the heart is song. Gratitude is song.

And dance through your life, whether the slow and somber step or the ecstatic jumps of love unleashed. “The servants of Rahman are those who walk with conscious humility on the earth,” those whose steps resonate on the earth, causing seeds to sprout and rivers of love to flow.
Engage in the great symphony of mutual forgiveness.
Intone the song of resurrection of seeing Allah in everyone and everything.
Join in the dance of unity.

This is how we want to come to the Resurrection in the Caravan of the lovers.

And you will see the angels surrounding the Throne
On all sides
Singing glory and praises to their Lord.
The Decision will be in perfect love and justice.
And the cry will be, ‘All praises flow to Allah, Lord of all the worlds and Lover of all the hearts.’
Sura Zumar

Ya Muhammad Habiballah, Ya Khadija, Ya Fatima, Ya Maryam, Ya Issa, Ya Magdalene, Ya Ali, Ya Mevlana, Ya Shams, Ya Nureddin, Ya Ashki, Ya Nur Ya Ummati, O Community of Love! Peace and Blessings be upon you all!

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