Ya Rajab Ya Rahman Ya Insan


Beloved Circle Guides and Dervishes

Rajab is the month of Allah, exalted is He, Shaban the month of the blessed Prophet, may he be showered in endless peace, and Ramadan the month of the community, may it flourish forever.

Rajab reveals the essence of Divine Mercy flowing to all beings, beyond the particularities of merit. Allah’s own Essence is mercy. Therefore Rajab is the month of Rahman. It is also said to be the deaf month, the month in which our faults and shortcomings are overlooked by the All-Merciful Who loves us to the degree of not taking account. The quality of not taking account of faults is part of the divine Sovereignty. It belongs to the One Who is self-sufficient yet loves, and who has no need to receive yet gives. The quality of loving without taking account also corresponds to the Mother. In our life on earth this kind of love corresponds to the love of a mother for her new-born baby. The baby as yet has no qualifications of right or wrong – it simply is, appearing as pure goodness to the mother’s eyes, and the mother simply loves.
We all desire to be loved, simply loved. Not for what we do, nor for what we achieve or how we appear, but loved for our essence, loved in our essence. Loved without bounds and without end. This is the love that flows in Rajab.

Let us receive this love, this boundless graceful love, and allow it to enter our being, gracefully, gratefully. Let us welcome it into the home of our heart and become a home of peace.

We open, and love flows in. We open and love flows out, peacefully, gratefully, gracefully. Ya Shakur Ya Salaam.

Ya Shakur Ya Rahman. Ya Shakur Ya Insan.

Just as the essence of Rahman is to love without taking account of merit, so the essence of Gratitude is to be grateful without taking account of the particulars. We are not grateful for this or that in our life, we are just grateful for life itself. Or we could say that life itself is gratitude. That is its nature. Allah is essentially compassionate and giving, and we are essentially grateful.

Let us also follow Allah’s adab in this month of overlooking faults. We too become deaf and blind to the faults of others, absorbed in divine mercy, not noticing anything but the good. “To those who see only the Good everywhere is given pure Divine Goodness as their reward.” These lovers are given the knowledge that all is created in goodness for the Good. This does not mean being stupid, although people were called holy fools for having this quality. It means being able to see with the eyes of the heart the Divine Face through the fabric and drama of creation. It means direct vision. “I stand on direct vision,” declared the Messenger, may he be showered in boundless peace. He saw things as they are. And from him comes the supplication which we repeat, “O Allah, please show me things as they truly are!”

Not judging comes from the intelligence of knowing that the Divine plan of Goodness transcends our own understanding. We do not know which results follow from which events. We do not know how something that appears negative will lead to something good.

Allah declares in the Ayatul Kursi, “I alone know what causes precede and what results follow from each event. And minds can grasp nothing of My encompassing Divine Knowledge except as I will.”
(translation of Shaykh Nur)

And we certainly do not know how to bring about ultimate happiness for all beings, and even less do we have the capacity to do so. The Shaykh al Akbar, the illumined Ibn Arabi r.a., revealing the knowledge of the Seal of Knowledge Muhammad, aleyhi Salam, said that all beings, even the ones who undergo intense purification, will eventually achieve bliss. Ultimately the Blissful One, the Merciful One, will bestow bliss upon all. For all come from Him, all is part of Him, of Her.

So let not our paucity of knowledge lead to arrogance. Rather let our paucity of knowledge make us humble and awed by the infinite Knower. Alim Allah, Azim Allah.

Possible verses for the Rajab to be sung in the melody of the Ilahi “Alim Allah, Azim Allah.”

Essence of Allah
Pure love and mercy
Living in all the hearts
Rajab is Rahman

No faults exist here
All is perfection
Held in His knowledge
Rajab is Rahman

Thankful and peaceful
Rejoicing in Him
He is the Lord of Love
Rajab is Rahman

One mystic body
Shining as Essence
Flooding the world with light
Rajab is Rahman

May the blessings and peace of the Lord of Rajab flow upon the mystical Messenger Muhammad, his family and followers, upon all of the Prophets and Mothers, upon the Pirs and Shaykhs, and upon our guides Pir Nureddin, Amina Taslima, Pir Aziz Ashki Effendi, and Pir Nur Effendi, and upon all of the Community!

Blessed is the Lord of Rajab and blessed is Humanity.

Fariha Fatima

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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