Blessed Easter, Blessed Resurrection


O Beloved Allah please shower your blessings and peace upon the most precious Jesus, Resurrector of dead hearts, and upon his family, his companions and his spiritual inheritors and friends. Please embrace his noble mother Maryam and his foremost disciple and heart companion Magdalene, and his sublime disciple John and all the disciples and evangelists in your supreme love and mercy.

Please bless all those who follow the beloved Jesus in spirit, with pure vision and with benevolent deeds.

O Beloved Allah please resurrect our hearts with the spirit of Jesus and keep us alive in his love. And please give us his healing breath and guidance.

And please Allah may the brilliant, revealing light of the Quran, the light streaming through the spirit and soul of Muhammad, the final jewel in the crown of Prophecy, show with certainty that all the Messengers and Mothers, from the East and from the West, are one light, so that we may walk in the company of them all and we may benefit from them all, and so humanity can know itself as one Prophetic family.

What is praised is One
So the praise is One too.
All religions, all this singing,
One Song.

Mevlana Rumi

And please Allah, bless our Ashki Effendi, our Hazreti Pir and mother Amina, and our Nur!

Blessed Easter, blessed Resurrection of spirit and body!

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