Rajab Begins Tonight, Blessed Rajab Blessed Wedding Night


What is the meaning of our life? What is the purpose of our life? The meaning is deep in the mystery of the Beloved, to be tasted and savored, but never encompassed with the mind. The purpose is to prepare us for this bewildering mystery and eternal relationship with the Beloved.

Imagine you were to prepare for marriage with the one whom you love the most and who loves you the most. Think what people do to prepare for marriage and how much they spend on their wedding. The friends of Allah consider every moment on earth a preparation, refining and beautifying themselves for this wedding, and they give all they have for their wedding day. Mainly, they give themselves and their life. That is the greatest gift they can give to their Betrothed. That is why love, which is the state in which we no longer belong to our self but we belong to our beloved, is greater than good works. Love is what makes the good works valuable. So the friends are constantly doing good works but do not place value on them. For they know that it is the love engendering them which gives them their meaning. And they simply pray, “O Beloved, please accept our prayers, accept our zikrullah, accept our sacrifice and our offering. May You be pleased with us and may we be pleased with You!”

Tonight is one of the wedding nights. At sunset begins the month of Rajab, the first of the three months of transformative spiritual power, Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan. And the first night of Rajab, tonight, is reported by Muzaffer Effendi, r.a., to be one of the four most holy nights of the year. Let us experience it as part of our divine wedding.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, is the special night called Regaip, which is the night in which the blessed beloved of Allah was conceived. Let us experience its power as part of our divine wedding.

Tonight I am in far West Texas, where I have been for over a week. It is a blessed land that feels close in spirit to the Holy Land -   part of the Chihuahua Desert highland, which Shaykh Nur felt to be a prophetic desert giving birth to Prophets who sowed the holy message of divine Unity and Love within the Native American cultures both north and south. Nur was here for his final dervish retreat in December 1994. His love to this land is reflected in his last ilahis. He called the place, Dar al Hadith and Dar as Salam.

From the desert, pure rejoicing, endless expansion without self or will,
Desert of light, wilderness of purest knowing, comes my guide in the flowering of night.

From the mountain exultation, purest silence rich in resonance,
Dar as-Salam, Dar al Hadith, comes my guide the beloved Mustafa.

O Mustafa, Ya Rasulallah, may we taste the bliss of your everlasting wedding in Allah. May its honey sweeten our lives and make every burden light. And may your bliss embrace all the worlds, increasing without bounds. And may endless blessings shower upon all of the Family and Household, upon the Prophets, the Mothers and the Friends, upon our beloved Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi and his holy mother Amina Taslima, upon our beloved Ashki Aziz Effendi and our beloved Nur al Anwar. Abundantly, abundantly, abundantly!

Fariha Fatima

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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