The Nobility of Mexico, Not Yet Known to President Trump


In Allah’s Blessed Name of Love

Peace to your hearts of love!

I write this morning to address our sisters and brothers in the land of Mexico.

I ask your forgiveness.
I ask your forgiveness for the injustice that has been done and continues to be done toward all of the people of Mexico.
I begin by asking forgiveness for the terrible slurs and accusations that our President speaks against the noble people of this great historical nation, which has more beauty and wisdom, cultural richness and wealth on all levels than this President could ever conceive. And I ask forgiveness for all the deceit on the part of this country which has engaged in raping the resources, both natural and human, of your country and people, on both sides of the ‘border.’ Who is the rapist? Who is the abuser? Who has advanced their fortunes at the expense of the lives of so many noble souls who crossed the river?

The great consolation for such abuse is that it is what the Prophets and Mothers endured throughout the ages. This is what Prophet Moses and Aron and the Bani Israil endured in the land of Pharoah. This is what the Prophet Muhammad and Hazreti Khadija and their family, may divine peace be showered upon them, endured from the blind arrogance of the wealthy Quraysh who would accuse the Prophet of madness and poverty and of being an orphan, a condition which was considered to be the lowest. Some even demonstrated their disdain by throwing the innards of slaughtered animals on his back while he was in prayer in front of the Kaaba. It is the blessed Fatima, aleyhi salam, who ran, crying, to clean his back.

How is it possible to not recognize the truth when it stands before you? How is it possible to not fall in love with Love Itself? This is the mystery of the black thread in our human story, as it happens again and again, in large ways and small ways.

Yet arrogance eventually becomes humbled before the truth. And the worst events eventually become the badges of honor. The ones looked down upon, enslaved, imprisoned, not considered important become the future leaders. We see this again and again in history.

And this is happening with Mexico and her people, who are the inheritors of the ancient prophetic lineages of indigenous prophets, and the lineages of Abraham – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Through her special destiny, Mexico became an immensely rich spiritual seedbed with the arrival of the Moors and the Jewish Conversos. Just as many of the mystical traditions of northern Europe who were persecuted by the Church came to North America, so the mystical streams of Spanish Christianity and the persecuted Jews and Muslims came to Mexico. These streams gathered and eventually produced an intensely rich spiritual culture that was mystical in its essence. Once Shaykh Nur breathed this fragrance in the atmosphere of Mexico he became mystically enamored, his heart flowered and he gave birth to three great spiritual poems in Spanish which are among the finest Sufi writings in the immense history of Sufism. And he founded a great community there, a vessel for his heart, which he put in the hands of Shaykha Amina. And he sealed it with the blessing of the Guadalupana, aleyhi salam, and her heavenly spouse, the Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim. This is the noble crown belonging to the people of Mexico!

What can you respond to this, President Trump? This is the true face and destiny of Mexico and the noble Mexicans. As carriers of the ancient traditions and as a vessel of the spiritual seed of Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, ra, and his lineage, the Mexican people are stepping into the future as leaders in the spiritual parliament of sacred traditions and as a guiding nation among nations.

This is what happens to those considered lowly. What a great divine story, like the story of Joseph, aleyhi salam.

Que la paz sea con ustedes!

Fariha al Jerrahi

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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