The Heart … Some Suggestions


The Heart

Beloved Circle Guides and Dervishes,    Peace to your hearts.

Here included are a few suggestions for these times:

First of all, we can use this time of outer distress as an alchemy to transform ourself and free ourself from inner negativity. The distress will then become what the fire was for the beloved Prophet Abraham. It did not burn because Allah said to the fire “Be cool for My friend.” Because the friend was pure

So too, if we eliminate our inner fire of negativity, the outer events will not burn us. We will feel compassion, we will be inspired with radical ways of offering help, we will be called to pray together with other communities and make zikrullah together, to march together and to support those who support our Constitution. But we will not become inwardly turbulent or bitter.

The work of love will only be accomplished through a pure heart.

So my basic suggestion to each of you for these times is to become even more of a dervish. Turn to Allah unceasingly and trust in Allah.   “Allah never fails in His promise.” And reach out in loving kindness to all beings.

“To them their deeds and to you your deeds.”  Each of us is responsible before the Truth only for what comes from us.

In this time we need to purify our soul. We have to be vigilant over what we speak, because everything we say comes back to us. So do not use abusive terms in referring to the present people in government, or to anyone. Keep your tongue pure. Speak truthfully but do not fall into vulgar language. Yes, it is extremely painful to see executive actions that are so stupid and blind, that are possibly intended to hasten destruction and increase conflict in the world. Actions that ignore the rights of so many in favor of so few who already have so much. These are Biblical events, Quranic events, where a small group imagines it can enslave the lives of others and control the earth. But remember – although the people doing these things might be negative and blind, Allah is not blind. We must keep remembering that it is Allah’s supreme intelligence that is guiding all of the actions streaming from every being. And it is always possible for Allah to change the hearts.

In Quran Allah confirms, “I have not created all of this magnificence except in Truth and for the Truth.” This world is a school, a place of testing and learning. So let us not get drawn into inner turmoil because of the test. Let us remain clear and pure hearted – as people of Truth confirming the Truth. Humanity will be helped. People and subtle beings will come from many different directions to resist these forces of negation, and the negative will also fight against itself because it is divided. Its very nature is division and it will eventually implode upon itself. Our nature is unity and love.

In this way we keep our vision of universal goodness clear from negativity. Be servants of Rahman. Be servants of Mercy and Love. Walk gently on the earth. Speak gently. Act kindly. Zikr much.

Our true home is the heart. The heart is the dwelling of Allah. In our heart we are rejoicing and feasting with Allah. Remain there and spread the good news.

Every good comes about through the heart. Strengthen your heart with prayer, zikrullah and kind actions. The heavy veil over humanity will be lifted when humanity dwells completely in the heart.

New humanity will come through our heart.

Live consciously, not harming with thought, words or actions.

It is said that the ‘weapon’ of the believer is their prayer. So pray more.

“Always together, always happy,” Muzaffer Effendi.

Be in touch with each other more.

We have amazing dervishes in our mystic body. We have amazing Circle Guides. Each of you is the hidden treasure of Allah waiting to be known. I am amazed by each of you! You can reach out through the Circle guides who will make the contacts for you.

Let us connect to groups and organizations who are doing good work in all fields. If we join the parts together we will be successful. Serve the original Unity, the always abiding Unity. Tikkun olam. Tawhid. Serve your family, serve the dervishes, serve neighbors, serve the earth and her creatures, …Serve. Be inspired, with new ideas, ideas of how to make life more beautiful and how to help others. Let us open our minds and our hearts to the open space of Allah.

Be fun. Make others laugh.  Comedy is medicine against despair. The King’s fool has a lot more material now.

Muzaffer Effendi and Nur did not come to us just so we could enjoy an easier life, or for us to fall into despair. They came with the Truth and they gave it to the hearts of the dervishes in our community. And now it is our turn.

Alhamdulillah! What better life could we ask for?

Fariha Fatima



Feel all created beings in your heart. Shower them all with the mercy of Rahman.

Envision the entire creation as Rahman Herself, Himself.


Read the Quran or the Heart of Koran. Allah’s voice will soothe your hearts and confirm that there is only one Sovereign in the entire creation and that Authority, unlike earthly authorities, is all merciful and loving, and also Just. That Sovereign is most near and waiting for us to call on Him, on Her. So take heart.

Read the Atom from the Sun of Knowledge, read Unveiling of Love, read Rumi, read Ibn Arabi.

There are so many valuable books for today. You might like to suggest books or films to each other when we have our bulletin board functioning. I read recently a book called “Jefferson’s Quran” which explains the conscious decision on the part of Thomas Jefferson and Madison, and a few others, to admit all religions into the Union, specifically mentioning Islam, Judaism and Catholicism. Jefferson even mentioned that it would be possible for a Muslim to be President! The book is a bit lengthy and detailed but very important as a record.

I am also dipping into “Muslims in America,” which is a brief record touching on the known Muslim slaves and going into present times.

I also read the “Invention of Nature, a brief history of the amazing visionary environmentalist explorer, Alexander von Humboldt and his legacy.

And we can re-read the Leap of the Dervish in the Atom for Shaykh Nur’s  exalted vision of dervishood.

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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