Ya Hadi

In Allah's Mercy and Love

Peace to your hearts dearest Circle Guides and Dervishes.

Peace to humanity.
Peace to the earth and the creatures of the earth.

At this time I recommend to our entire community that we include Ya Hadi (between 33 and 165 times), O infallible Guide, O merciful Guide of our soul, to our daily tasbih.

O merciful Guide please help us in this time of distress and affliction affecting so many people and creatures in the world. We know that You alone are the author of the cosmic drama unfolding as our daily life and as the life of this planet and innumerable life-bearing planets and universes. Yet you have created us as Your khalifs, Your manifestors, and so we desire to know how you would like us to manifest Your light and Your love. How should we act within this drama? Please help us to stand for truth as Your prophets and mothers and friends stood for truth throughout all periods of ease and difficulty. Please make us Your truthful ones, Your sincere ones, Your 'siddiqs'. Please inspire us, in our thoughts and our actions, in the ways that are most pleasing to You. Please increase us in true knowledge that draws us ever closer to You and makes us merciful helpers to all beings. Please make us strong and rightly guided. Please guide our speech and our actions. Please protect us against Your enemies.
Ya Hadi!

Please, each of you, do not neglect your daily tasbih in this time. And pray for each other, and pray for all peoples and beings, and pray that the souls of oppressors be transformed.
Heart in heart in the Heart of Rahman  Light within light in the light of Ya Alim
Hand in hand in the Handhold of Ya Hadi    Ya Sami Ya Basir Ya Hu

Fariha Fatima

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