Ya Imam Huseyn


Ya Imam Huseyn

O Pir of both worlds born of Fatima and Ali,
O Imam Huseyn bearer of the seal of Prophecy,
In the exalted lineage Muhammadi.
Nothing compares to you, nothing triumphs over you.
You are the pure progeny, the Prophetic light for humanity.
Your limbs are noble, your actions clear,
Your mind more vast than the ascending heavens,
Your heart the Mystery of Nearer than Near.
You tread on the earth to beautify it,
You appear in human form to ennoble it,
You accept your life to give it.
You walk in the ways of your ancestors, the Prophets and the Mothers, accompanied by your sister, Zaynab the True.

You follow your destiny, pleasing to your Lord.
The dust of this earth prostrates at your feet, ready to do your bidding, to give you drink and to feed you.

Yet you choose what has been chosen for you. You enter the whirlwind of the world, the holy battle of Truth against illusion.

In the field of Karbala, surrounded by your most intimate lovers, you hold the heart of humanity safe from fear and negativity.

Dressed in the garment of humility, shining with inward nobility, gazing at your Lord, you overcome the armies of pride.

“O humanity, We hurl Truth against falsehood and Truth obliterates it.”

Through the magnificent sacrifice of your life, you give life.
The ocean breached the wall and all became ocean.
The light escaped the earthly form and became a thousand suns.
You lost your head and gave to all a head of light.
Now to lose our head is the noble way.

O Imam of the faithful, Huseyn, Al Amir al Muminin.
May blessings and peace shower upon you, the blessed Zaynab, the pure Zayn al Abidin, and your family and companions in the field of Karbala, in every time of distress and in every time of ease until all humanity is gathered together in the Presence of the Sultan Supreme.

Hussayn is of me and I am from him. Allah loves those who love my Hussayn.
Muhammad the Messenger, peace be upon him



Tonight let us pray for all the limited selves, the distorted selves, the alienated selves and all the pain caused by them in the world, the oceans of grief and suffering, to be embraced in Divine Mercy and Healing and Forgiveness for the sake of Imam Huseyn and the people of the Household.  For the sake of the martyrs of Karbala.  Amin Amin Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alemin!  Ya Effendi, Ya Hazreti Pir, Ya Amina Taslima, Ya Nur!

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