Second Blessed Day of the New Year

In Allah’s All Embracing Love and Generosity

Peace to your hearts dear Companions

A deeper way of offering the prayer of the Prophet, may Allah embrace him in supreme peace, is to realize that we are the ones who have no support, no help, no shelter, no provision, no treasure, no one to rely on and no one to turn to in times of trial without Allah. Most of humanity realizes this in times of extreme difficulty, but the dervish is the one who is aware of their state of utter neediness and helplessness at all times. And when they forget this, they turn to Allah and ask for this veil of heedlessness to be removed from their pure awareness. The state of feeling independent is a distortion of truth that can be a light veil or a serious blockage. If we look closely we see that this assumption leads ultimately to fear, anxiety and unhappiness because our basic human intelligence is somewhere telling us that if this is true then we are in real trouble! If we do not have the All Compassionate and Merciful to unfailingly rely upon…. then who can help us? And this uncertainty leads to selfishness and many other destructive characteristics that increasingly cover the truth. Conscious utter dependency on the One calling Itself Allah and by other beautiful holy Names is true happiness.

So a prayer for today could be,

“O beloved Allah please increase me in awareness of my total dependency on You and on Your Merciful Love. O beloved Allah, please increase me in true knowledge – the knowledge of my condition of utter poverty and the knowledge of what You ascribe to Yourself and the knowledge of what You love - so that I may attain Your pleasure and be brought near to You, and ever nearer and nearer!”

Blessed second day of the first ten of the new year!

Ya Imam Huseyn, Ya Imama Zainab, Ya Zain al Abidin, and O faithful companions in the desert of Karbala!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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