In Allah's Great Love
November 1 2016
Nur’s Urs Day

Blessed dervishes, light within his light,

Today my need is to become Nur.
To feed myself with his light.
Fill myself with his light.
To become his light.
To give myself to his love.
To place my head under his merciful sword of La ilahe ilallah at each moment that the head of ego rises.
To let flow in the open space of heart the love of Muhammad Rasulallah as it flows in the open space of his heart.
To realize with him that there is no Self but the One.
To know that I am nothing if not That. And still nothing.
To whirl in the open space of his love as nothing.
To offer prayer and tasbih for him and his beautiful dervishes in this great love.
To meet Effendi and Hazreti Pir through his love.
To pray for great love to arise in humanity.


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