Night of Power

Peace to your hearts blessed ones! I would like to share these words on the NIght of Power from our beloved Effendi and Nur, may they both be embraced in the ecstasy of the Night of Power.

Shaykh Nur in the Heart of Koran:

The Night of Power

My noble Messenger, please teach humanity to celebrate with awe the first moment that the Source of Light began to radiate Its Luminous Koran through your earthly being. This is the moment during your solitary mountain retreat when you plunged into Divine Mystery on the Night of Power, and your personal awareness first received the resplendent Words of Allah.

It is impossible to conceive the true import of this Night of Power, which is mystically manifest each year, sometime during the most holy month of Ramadan, on the hidden anniversary of your awakening to the Radiant Koran. To enter spiritually into the shining realm of this Night of Nights is more powerful than practicing intense prayer for one thousand months. During this transcendent Night, by the permission of Allah, angelic beings descend freely into human hearts in response to every prayerful longing. Within the un­fathomable mystery of this Night, Allah's Own Light can be received directly by souls who are immersed in the ecstasy of true contemplation. The perfect Peace of the eternal Source descends completely into the creation during the Night of Power. This miraculous trans­formation of the universe into Paradise remains until the first glow of dawn.

- meditation on Holy Koran 97:1-5

Extracted from Muzaffer Effendi's chapter on the Night of Power, may he be showered in Divine Mercy, p.604-605

Moses Learns About the Night of Power

The venerable Moses prayed to his Lord on Mount Sinai, saying: “ O my Lord, You are close to me. Let me be close to You.” He heard the voice of the Almighty reply: “O My Converser, I bring near to me those who keep vigil and worship me on the Night of Power.” Moses continued: “O my Lord, I wish to be worthy of Your divine mercy.” The Glorious and Exalted One said: “O Moses, those who treat the poor with compassion on the Night of Power are worthy of My mercy.” Moses, then made yet another supplication: “O my Lord, I wish to cross safely over the Bridge.” The Exalted Lord replied: “O Moses, anyone who gives alms and spends in charity on the Night of Power will cross that dark and dreadful Bridge in safety and at lightning speed.”

The Bridge called Sirāt stretches in darkness between Paradise and Hell. The greater a person’s light of faith, the easier it will be for him to cross that bridge. We must not forget that the life of this world is also such a bridge and the way of Islam and all noble traditions of Truth are its safe crossing. For those who have faith, do good works, are content with Allāh and earn His approval, it will be a quick and easy matter to cross Sirāt, just as they cross the bridge of this world in safety and without mishap.

To return to the venerable Moses, who was praying to the Lord on Mount Sinai: “O my Lord,” he pleaded, “I wish to enter Your Paradise and enjoy its bliss, to shelter in the shade of its heavenly trees and to eat its abundant fruits.” The Almighty reply came: “O Moses, those who glorify Me on the Night of Power will enjoy these bounties in My Paradise.”

The venerable Moses continued: “ O my Lord, I beg for salvation from Your Fire.” “O My Converser, those who seek forgiveness on the Night of Power will find salvation from My Fire.”

The venerable Moses then prayed: “O my Lord, I yearn for Your approval. Be pleased with me!” The All-Glorious One replied: “O Moses, My approval will be won by those who perform a prayer of two cycles for My sake on the Night of Power.”

Thus we see that Moses and the other Prophets, on all of them be peace, were made aware of the great benefits that would be conferred on those who give their hearts to Allah for even a small act of worship on the Night of Power.

Dearest ones, may we be among those spiritually present to the Night of Power and may we receive a beautiful portion of its innumerable blessings!

Fariha Fatima

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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