Bayram Eid and After

In Allah’s Great Love and Compassion for Humanity and all the countless beings

The glorious Ramadan has once again stripped away the veils of life, revealing that only You o Beloved are here, only You are life-giving, only You are essential. All else is play and diversion. How easily we slip into diversions, and how well the Ramadan re-focuses our gaze onto the Only One.

And so we come forth like princes from the Royal chamber, filled with holy Presence and good news, wanting to keep our hearts bright and the vessels of our consciousness pure. And yet we fall again, and our clear sky becomes clouded with the doubts of the limited self. Our garments become stained with the entertainments and distractions of the earth. And we gather burdens and fears.

May You be there to pick us up, may You wipe away our tears. May You clean the precious veils of our consciousness. May You console us and forgive us and answer our prayers. May You listen to our pleas. May You answer us and rejoice us. May You be our companion, even in the deserts. May You be our precious Lord and Lover, our Allah, our Beloved, our Forgiver, our healer when we are ill, our counselor when we are confused. The One Who feeds us and protects us and guides us into the gardens of eternity.
Please overlook our faults and our stumbles, and turn our wrongs into good.

O companions, may we place our trust in Allah. And may we temper the excesses of our limited desires, and may we hold back the reactions and judgments of our mind. And may we know with certainty that our Lord and Lover is the Most Generous of the Generous and the Most Merciful of the Merciful and the Forgiver of all our wrongs.

Blessed Bayram, the Eid of Allah’s banquet, where the wine cups of the Esma ul Husna are flowing.

Heart in heart at the banquet tables of love

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