Heart of the Koran

In the Heart of Allah's Love

Dearest Companions on the path of love,

May Allah's peace embrace you on this ninth day of Ramadan.

I would like to emphasize that reading the Heart of the Koran is not just an optional supplement to reading the larger, more literal version of Koran that we have blessedly available to us in many translations.

Reading the Heart of the Koran of Shaykh Nur al Jerrahi, may his soul be sanctified, is one of the essential spiritual practices for our Tariqat in this month of Ramadan. With it we will plunge directly into the Divine light and wisdom and all-embracing compassion of which the Koran is a messenger and a demonstration, by-passing the limited human intellect that causes doubt and distress in people's hearts. With pure light and boundless love and clear wisdom no one has a problem, except persons who would deny these. And the Heart of the Koran acts as a key to unlock some of the deeper meanings of the other passages of Koran, so even if Shaykh Nur's renderings have only covered a portion of the entire Book, his perspective can transform everything we read, like the yeast in the bread. His voice is the voice of the lover and the shepherd and the good counselor. It is merciful and sweet and powerful and it blends beautifully with the voice of the Koran, the original call of guidance, bringing out a tenderness and sweetness that we don't usually meet in the translations.

The most truthful interpreter of the Koran is the Blessed Prophet himself, may he be showered in the knowledge that brings the most benefit to humanity and all beings. During his lifetime and after his passing there were a few who could be said to be true interpreters and vessels of the universal intelligence and boundless love that is encoded in the Holy Book. In each generation following there were a few. In our time, Muzaffer Effendi and Shaykh Nur are among these entrusted ones who inherited the light of the Prophet's heart so we can trust what they see in the vast mirror of Koran.

Of course, each person's heart has direct access to the Revelation, and the more our mind is emptied the more truly we can receive.

Please read the generous Introduction too as it contains amazing mystical teachings and personal accounts, including the astounding encounter with the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Paradise.

Heart in heart in the boundless ocean of Koran Fariha Fatima

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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