The Noble Koran

In the Overflowing Compassion of the Source of Being calling Itself Allah

Peace to your hearts dearest dervishes, dearest faithful ones, dearest seekers of Divine Pleasure and Nearness in this month of Ramadan, dearest companions of zikrullah, dearest keepers of the fast, dearest lovers who stand and bow and prostrate, dearest channels of divine generosity, dearest lights of Hazreti Pir, dearest companions who offer the healing greeting of peace, asalaamu alekum, dearest clear-hearted ones who do not take offense, dearest pilgrims of the mystic journey of return, dearest gentle ones walking humbly on the earth, dearest subtle ones who lower their voices in the sacred precincts, dearest witnesses in awe of Allah’s magnificence and beauty, dearest students of Allah’s holy books and of the glorious Koran.

Remember to read the Koran in this month.

You may read the Heart of Koran, interpreted by Shaykh Nur as your Koran reading if you choose. Or you may read both the larger literal translation and the Heart of Koran together. It is very interesting to compare the literal ayats with the renderings of Shaykh Nur.

Muzaffer Effendi, may his soul be embraced in Divine mercy, would read the entire Koran at least 3 times every Ramadan.

During the lifetime of the Rasulallah, may he be showered in the sublime peace of Allah, the noble Archangel Gabriel, peace be upon him, would come every Ramadan to have the blessed Messenger recite in his presence the entirety of the Koran that had been revealed up until that year.

Ramadan is the month for the unveiling of Koran. Please ask for her veil to be lifted for you. Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, may his soul be sanctified, said that the Koran is a bride who lifts her veil to her betrothed. Only such can we know her.

When some of the later companions came to Mother Aisha, peace be upon her, asking her to tell them of the nature of the Messenger, aleyhi salaam, she responded, “He is the Koran.”

May we too become the living Koran.

Peace on this 8th Day of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Fariha Fatima

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