Muzaffer Effendi, Saint of Humanity


What is the birth of a great saint?
It is a gift from God,
the renewal of the original Covenant,
a rainbow of divine possibilities,
a blessing to people and to the earth and all of its inhabitants.
A saint is God’s breath of Mercy,
the life-giving rain of heaven pouring onto the earth, making everything alive, beautiful and new
A saint is Noah’s Ark carrying the souls to safety and to a new land
A saint is a cave of refuge from the torments of the world
A saint is the solver of life’s puzzle, freeing the spirit from its apparent embodiment in the earth
A saint is the interpreter of life’s sacred script
A saint is the proof of the existence and reality of God
A saint is the confirmation of the sacredness of the human form as the Face of God
A saint is the revealer of the One within the many

A saint makes the impossible possible, brings the dead to life
Sometimes a saint turns the world upside down, unmasks the dazzling parade and makes the earth tremble if it is called for, to save the hearts from the illusions and caprices of the world
The saint has no program notes and is always surprising, sometimes disturbingly quiet and still, as though nothing will ever happen again in the universe, and sometimes singing and dancing until everything becomes intoxicated and bewildered
The saint gives their life completely into the hands of God and lives only for God and the people of God,
A saint sees life only as God’s life and all beings as inseparable

Shaykh Muzzaffer Ozak, may he be embraced in God’s great Mercy, was this saint.
He was born for the happiness and salvation of others
He was born to guide people on the path of the noblest of humanity, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
He was born to protect the Truth of the human heart against the numbing potion of modern secularism and scientific positivism and against the deadly poison of religious fundamentalism and bigotry
He was born to stand up against worldly tyrants and narrow-minded zealots

He was born to open the way to the sacred reality of Allah within every human heart and to make the way easy
He was born to demonstrate the face of true humanity
He was born for mercy, for love, for tenderness
He was born to embody the spirit of God, to be the seeing and hearing of God
He was born to feel the suffering of humanity
He was born to pray for humanity and to bring the healing balm to humanity
He was born to speak God’s endearing words to broken hearts and seeking souls
He was born to pour the wine of love for thirsty lovers who had never before entered a tavern of love
He was born to be the key that opened the secret chamber of the heart where Allah’s infinite mystery abides
He was born to be the chamberlain of Allah

Muzaffer Effendi came to America for love
He came to reveal the lovers beneath the clothes of everyday people
He came bearing the seed of the ancient sacred tradition of the East to the West
He was the last spiritual sultan of the Ottoman Empire which carried the Khalifat of the Muhammadan tradition of the heart
He came to America to meet the spiritual inheritor of the West, Lex Hixon, who was transformed thru Effendi’s powerful gaze into Shaykh Nur al Jerrahi

“Your Ashki came to the West
To find his beloved friend
Offering him the crown of love
La ilahe ilallah.”

Muzaffer Effendi was the powerful ray of the brilliant sun of Muhammad shining into America, helping to transform modern humanity into sacred humanity, and like the sun which makes all grow, he revived all of the spiritual traditions in the West, subtly, invisibly
Shaykh Muzaffer lived and embodied the full meaning of La ilahe ilallah Muhammadun Rasulallah,
He was the hearing and seeing of Allah and the generous Hand of Allah
He was the honey of the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and his glorious adab
He conveyed the word of the blessed Quran, transmitted its essence and revealed its great beauty and astonishing wisdom - he was the living Quran – in a holy dream he was given the Quran directly from the hand of Rasulallah peace be upon him, who was standing in his tomb
He inspired love for salat, the prayer of prostration before the One, within the One, as the One to the One
With him was the constant pilgrimage from Truth to Truth
His being was pure caritas, manifesting Allah’s infinite generosity and abundance flowing toward all creatures, inspiring generosity, kindness and beautiful actions in all those around him
He proved that the fires of the hell of the tyrannical self can be extinguished by a tear of the friend of God
He demonstrated that God was truly Love.
“The Messiah of love whirling in the chapel of the West.”

His own being evaporated continuously before Allah, leaving the One alone

We are his inheritors, we are his people, we are his continuation

“This noble Shaykh Muzaffer
Placed at Masjid al Farah
One strand from the Holy Beard
La ilahe ilallah”

With Shaykh Nur the hand of the East joined the hand of the West and all of the fingers of the sacred paths of East and West intertwined together
Between their two hands the precious light of the heart was sheltered and enshrined, and its radiant beauty could shine out and renew the world
Muzaffer Effendi deposited the cipher of reality and the key of happiness, La ilahe ilallah Muhammadun rasulallah, on the mountaintop of Shaykh Nur’s heart, and left Nur and Nur’s community and inheritors and companions to bring this to Humanity

Happy Birthday Effendi
Happy Birthday Humanity
Fariha al Jerrahi and all the Nur Ashki Jerrahi community

Meditation for Hajj

In Allah's Boundless Love


Envision your heart as the Kaaba, or envision your heart as the Black Stone embedded within the Kaaba. The Black Stone is reported to be the stone of witness in pre-eternity, upon which every soul witnessed its primordial 'Yes!' to Allah when Allah asked all the souls "Am I not your Lord and Lover forever?"

Envision the angels circling round your heart chanting praises to Allah.

Envision the hand of Rasulallah, may he be immersed in Allah's peace, under your heart, supporting it.

Envision Allah the Beloved gazing at your heart.

Envision your heart gazing back and becoming flooded in the pure light of perfect Love, "Blazing, blissful unity of pure Being"

Happy Birthday Beloved Prophet Muhammad, May You Be Showered in the Most Beautiful Peace


Muzaffer Effendi, may he be showered in the never-ending blessings of the greatest divine pleasure and love, came to the West wearing the glorious crown of La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah

Bringing us the truth of the One Source, the One Essence of Being radiating through the infinite different prisms of the Most Beautiful Names, manifesting as infinite beautiful forms, radiating and filling and overwhelming all creation with boundless love

Revealing its own Heart as Muhammad, sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim teslima, Muhammad the first light, Muhammad divine compassion and love, Muhammad the complete humanity, perfect humanity, Muhammad the caretaker of the ocean of love, dweller in the bridal chamber of love, saki of the wine of love, leader of the caravan of lovers, refuge of the lovers, the one who serves every creature most attentively, Al Shafi, the greatest intercessor before the Sultan of all the worlds, Al Amin, the trustworthy, the most reliable guide on the path of return into the heart.

We approach the beloved of Allah on this his lunar birthday on earth with La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah, with salawats of praise and prayer, with hearts refined, hearts humbled, hearts exalted, hearts turning around and around in the Hand of the All Merciful.

There is no approach into the inner mystery of love called Muhammad with arrogance or rationality. Arrogance, or feeling too stiff to prostrate our minds into this mystery, will make us like the fly in the puddle of piss evoked by Rumi, the fly which imagines it is a great captain on the ocean that reaches to the end of the universe. That is the rational mind when it imagines it can comprehend and define the Truth, the Mystery of Being – too obscured to see that it is thru the most intimate love that the One expresses Itself… and thru radical nearness in which the human reality merges into divine reality, the human form into the divine form. In this tradition we say that the soul of Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the clear mirror for this astonishing mystery to be revealed. By gazing into that mirror, by loving the messenger and beloved of Allah, by honoring his noble reality, we come to see that truth in ourselves. Muhammad, peace be upon him, is our way to the truth. That is why he is called by Shakyh Nur, may Allah immerse him in great mercy and gnostic ecstasy, the “Distributor of the light of prophecy into all hearts”, for through him we come to see and be the truth. On this path, until we love the Prophet more than ourselves and our dearest beloveds, we have not attained the fullest reality and the most radiant love. Shaykh Nur has beautifully explained this apparent paradox in the chapter called “Love for the Prophet of Allah” in the Atom of the Sun of Knowledge. “Love for the Messenger is the way to awaken to the crown of creation, to the true humanity within all persons. To love Muhammad intensely – even above the mystic shaykhs who inherit the spiritual wealth and beauty of the Prophet – lifts one into perfection.” All of the great Messengers, men and women, sent by Allah to guide the souls safely back into the Source, are these mirrors of perfect reality and perfect love. Each one has brought a path to truth and each is entrusted with the caretaking of the precious human heart. This is the Quranic message – “The faithful ones make no distinction among the Messengers of divine love.” And in other passages the Quran warns against separating the Messengers into sects. However, in this mystic tradition we say, following the teaching of the blessed Messenger himself, that the light of Muhammad, may divine Love flood his boundless heart in endless peace, is the light of all the Messengers. His light is the first to appear from Pure Essence of Being. His light cries out La ilahe ilallah prior to creation, prior to the Throne and the Footstool and the Seven Heavens, prior to all angelic beings, subtle beings, human beings and all 18,000 wondrous universes. From his light, the Nur Muhammad, everything is continuously created. He who never spoke an untruth called himself “the master of humanity and subtle beings on the Day of Awakening.” That is why we address him as “Sayyid al Mursalin”, “master of those sent to guide” and “Sayyid al awwalin wal ahirin”, “master of those who come first and those who come last”, meaning that everything in creation is taking guidance and intercession from him. He is the owner of the Makam al Mahmoud, the ‘praiseworthy station” and the ‘station of universal and perfect praise’. He is the complete manifestation of the teachings of all the Messengers. He is the living Quran. In his light is gathered all the words of creation, all revelations, all expressions, all wisdoms, because all arise from his light and return to wholeness in his light. The light of Muhammad, Nur Muhammad, is the revealer of every reality, the explanation of every affair, the happiness of every creature. His light reveals and fulfills the divine reality of every being. In his light nothing is extinguished, no soul of any messenger or prophet or saint is displaced or veiled, no human or subtle being is discarded, no creature is left out. In the Nur Muhammad all beings are revealed as divine truth, and each has its eternal reality and station, each is necessary and beloved. Everything subsists in perfection and love in the all-merciful gaze of Allah which is the Nur Muhammad, perfect subsistence in Allah’s love.

We can only approach this great mystery thru love. Hearts humbled, hearts exalted in love, bodies and bones melted, minds bewildered, intoning La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah continuously….these are the lovers of Love who will attain the fullness of love and complete divine Pleasure.

We stand together with Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Mevalana Jelaluddin Rumi and all the Pirs, may Allah sanctify their secrets, with Shaykh Muzaffer Ashki al Aziz, Shaykh Nur al Anwar al Malik and with all the noble shaykhs, may Allah immerse them in divine mercy, and we invoke sweet blessings upon the blessed one in the inspired words of Nur:

“To be drawn into the Light of Allah and not be blinded,
O brothers and sisters, repeat with longing and with love:

Heartfelt and profound greetings to your sublime soul,
O incomparable Prophet and uniquely beloved one of Allah.
As-salatu wa salamu alayka ya Rasulallah
As-salatu wa salamu alayka ya Habiballah”

May the fragrance of Muhammad become our very breath

On the day of the Prophet’s birth it is customary to read the Mevlud, the traditional account of the main aspects of his life, which Shaykh Nur has wonderfully translated in the Atom from the Sun of Knowledge. It is also healing to offer salawats to the Prophet’s soul. You may choose these from the little salawat book. Let us offer a bouquet of love from our community, with each of us reciting 100 salawats and 1000 La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah. When reciting this number of salawats one can offer the short salawat sherif, O Allah please send your blessings upon our master Muhammad, the noble family of Muhammad and his blessed companions, and embrace them in peace. Allahume salli ala seyyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi Muhammad wa sahbihi wa sellim

The entire lunar month is pregnant with his birth. In many countries and communities where he is honored and loved there are celebrations for the full 28 days.

Fariha Fatima

Ya Imam Huseyn! Ya Sayyeda Zaynab! Ya Zain al Abidin and the Martyrs of Karbala

In Allah’s Infinite Mercy and Love

In the great book of Irshad, by Muzaffer Ashki, rahmetullah aleyhi, we have the address of Imam Huseyn to his companions on the field of Karbala, his words preserved and transmitted by so many generations of faithful guardians:

“ ‘O my companions, relatives, friends and fellow members of the Prophet’s household! You see the state of affairs we have reached. The world has changed and turned its face from us. Its goodness has retreated and very evil days lie before us. You must surely see that the truth is no longer put into practice. Falsehood is by no means at an end. Let those who are believers desire to meet Allah. For me there is no doubt that death is a blessing. I count it a crime to live in the company of tyrants.’

In the last moments of his life, after all attempts to reason with the oppressors failed, he begged the leader of the army that had surrounded them and prevented them from receiving water or food, the one who was about to take his life, for his children to be given mercy:

‘You made me and my children wander thirsty in these desert wastes. You gave me no water and I know better than to expect any from you. But at least give my children a drop to drink, so that I may forgive you for the great wrong you have done to us.’

That deluded one refused, retorting, ‘If earth and sky were full of water I would not give one drop to you and your children.’

And then the most noble Husayn, living vessel of the Prophetic light, responded, ‘You have denied me water and refused my children even one drop. But at the place of Resurrection we shall not behave like you. When the water of life from the fountain of Kawthar will be in our hands we shall not let you go thirsty as you have let us go thirsty. The owner of Kawthar is my grandfather, Muhammad the seal of Prophecy, may Allah’s divine peace shower upon him, and the pourer of that water of life is my father, the blessed Ali, may Allah be pleased with him. You shall not be denied by them as you have denied us today.’

At that point he kicked the ground and a spring of water came gushing forth. He pointed to it and said, ‘ Now you see the nature of our patience. Water was in our power to have, but we have taken on this suffering so that the Community of Muhammad will understand and be prepared to sacrifice everything in order to overcome tyranny and oppression. We refrained from quenching our own thirst so that the Ummat would understand the nature of self-sacrifice.’ As soon as he had uttered these words, the wine of martyrdom quenched his thirst.

O Lord do not deny us the intercession of Huseyn…”

This is the faithful report of our blessed Muzaffer Ashki, may Allah sanctify his secret, a blood descendent and a spiritual inheritor of the great Imam Huseyn, who stood for all of us on the field of Truth at Karbala, may Allah be pleased with him, his household, and all the martyrs who passed away with him, their departure leaving the earth and sky and all their inhabitants in tears and mourning.

After these events, as a survivor of the tragedy of Karbala, the sister of Huseyn and daughter of Hazreti Ali, the venerable Sayyeda Zaynab, may Allah be pleased with her, inherited the Prophetic light and became the representative of truth for the Prophetic message. Again we refer to Muzaffer Effendi’s account:

When her noble brother Husayn was martyred, Zaynab screamed through her tears at the murderer, “You tyrants! You do not know what you have done, whom you have martyred and whom you have caused to weep. How will you answer the glorious Prophet if he asks you on the coming Day of Resurrection, ‘What have you done to the people of my household and my children after I was gone? Some you made captive, some you enslaved and some you steeped in blood.’ How will you look him in the face and how can you expect his intercession if he says, ‘Is this how you displayed your gratitude to your Prophet? Is this how you show your affection?’ Will you not be ashamed of yourselves if he says, ‘Would you dare to drink water from my fountain when you condemned the people of my household to go thirsty and refused a single drop of water to my beloved Husayn and his Innocents?’ ”

The noble Sayyeda Zaynab did not fear for her life when she stood in the court of the oppressor Yazid in Damascus, after having been brought there as a captive with the small group of surviving women and children. Rather she feared for the fate of the Community, and she addressed the Community in such words and with such passion that had such a powerful effect on the people’s hearts that it brought about the downfall of that tyranny not long afterwards. Together with her was Zayn al Abidin, her nephew, son of Husayn, still a child but soon to become the future Imam of the faithful.

. .

As we contemplate this holy day we wonder how we, in this modern age of the West, living in countries without war, with the assumption of religious tolerance and relative economic abundance, can understand and feel the tragedy and greatness of the events of Karbala and those that followed? How can we align ourselves with the magnificence of the souls who were there and with the weight of their sacrifice? How can we manifest an atom of the meaning of Karbala in our lives? How can we ever offer in return an atom of its nobility? How can we receive a glimpse of what occurred on that field of Truth? How can we ever repay the merciful Prophet and his household, may Allah’s most loving peace be upon them all, for what they have given to us? Imam Huseyn was the beloved of Allah, the beloved of the Messenger, the beloved of Hazreti Fatima and Hazareti Ali, the beloved of the Ummat, the beloved of the angels and subtle beings. How can we ever be grateful enough to Imam Huseyn and the companions of Karbala for their lives? How can we ever be grateful for all the succession of noble Prophets, Mothers of the Faithful and martyrs of truth who gave their lives to humanity, so that we could attain to the time of the fulfillment of prophecy? How can we transform our own lives into the Truth, seeing past the illusion of this modern age with its surface secularity and worldliness? How can we go deeper into the eternal reality of our souls which also stand in their own Karbala?

The only way that I see is by turning to the Truth, and by living truthfully day to day, moment to moment, becoming sincere in our intentions, thoughts, actions and speech – and by turning and remembering and recommitting when we realize that we have forgotten and become unaware, whether it be for a moment or for a day or for longer. The way is by keeping in mind that we too are heading rapidly for the other world and that our life here is but a blink of the eye. The way is by knowing with certainty that Allah, Knower of all things hidden and open, only gazes at our heart as the gift we bring upon our return – and that we have come to this earth to discover our heart and to fill our heart with light and to offer this light to as many hearts as possible. The way is by bringing into practice the momentous spiritual knowledge that we have been given, making it alive in us and becoming real through it. The way is to contemplate every day in our hearts La ilahe ilallah Muhammad rasulallah. The way is by becoming gracious and kind, as the Prophet was gracious and kind, and offering kindness and love to others, inwardly in our thoughts and outwardly in our actions. The way is by serving the creation which is Allah’s family. The way is by serving our Sufi community so that it becomes the strong vessel of Truth that it is intended to be, the refuge for the lovers of Allah and the ‘poor in spirit’, the faqirs, the ones empty of all but Allah. The way is by cultivating love in our hearts, and by becoming love, knowing that it is our essence. The way is by merging into the Truth and becoming Truth.

As I write this letter to you it is just before sunrise. The air is wrapped in a mist and the mist is tinged with the color red. Ya Imam Huseyn! May all of Allah’s greatest blessings pour upon you, your family, the lovers who stood by your side and all those whose hearts are merged in you! Ya Effendi, Ya Hazreti Pir, Ya Nur!

Keeping Vigil Tonight, Fasting Tomorrow

In Allah's infinite Mercy and Love

Tonight let us devote part of it in prayer and zikr for the sake of Imam Huseyn and the martyrs of Karbala. We can offer the wird and La ilahe ilallah and Salawats. For those of you who have Imam Huseyn's prayer on the Day of Arafat you may read that. May our hearts be joined to his heart.

Ya Imam Huseyn, may all the blessings of the Beloved shower upon you during this night and tomorrow on the day of Ashura, the day of your martyrdom. And may all human beings and subtle beings be forgiven for your sake. And may we be counted as part of your community.

“O my companions, relatives, friends and fellow members of the Prophet’s household! You see the state of affairs we have reached. The world has changed and turned its face from us. Its goodness has retreated and very evil days lie before us. You must surely see that the truth is no longer put into practice. Falsehood is by no means at an end. Let those who are believers desire to meet Allah. For me there is no doubt that death is a blessing. I count it a crime to live in the company of tyrants."

Ya Nur!

In the Name of Allah, All Embracing Compassion and Love

Beloved dervishes, Peace to your hearts on this glorious day of Shaykh Nur’s passing into the realm of Beauty! Ali and I have just returned from paying a visit to his wife Sheila in the house where they raised their family, and where they hosted many spiritual guides, among them Muzaffer Effendi and Bawa Muhayideen, and welcomed many spiritual seekers. It is Sheila’s custom, on special occasions like today, to take her guests upstairs to the little Ramakrishna room where Nur would sit daily in deep meditation, dissolving the barriers of the mind within the ocean of Reality. The room consists of a few sitting pillows and a shrine of photos of Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, his spiritual wife, and some of his main disciples. On these occasions, in this abode of deep peace, Sheila begins by reading a poem from the book of Nur’s called Mother of the Universe, his visionary translations of Ramprasad’s ecstatic poetry that he also called Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment. On this day Sheila is wrapped in a wool shawl because the heat is still off from the storm. She emanates the atmosphere of Sarada Devi, the blessed holy consort. After reading her poem, Sheila passes the book to each one, who in turn opens and reads the poem that falls to them. The teachings that flow from the pages of the book and the lips of the companions come directly from the Source, and return to the Source again in each unique consciousness. For those of you who are unacquainted with the tradition of the Divine Mother, these poems might be surprising in their imagery and names. However, if you look more deeply, you will see the Divine Mother as the sublime manifestation of Rahman and Rahim. The two poems that were given to me were like two hands complementing each other. The first teaching was the cutting away of limited thinking and grasping, and the second was the affirmation of the personal self as the unlimited Self. In the first poem, the author, Ramprasad/Nur, is criticizing narrow-minded devotionalism, and is urging the seeker to let go of rigid conceptions of Reality, or one-sided understandings. He invites the seeker, with quite some force, to embrace the complete truth, beyond all dualities. This poem is called Kali’s Sword and Krishna’s Flute Are One, page 147, for those of you who have the book. The first verse declares, “O partially perceiving mind, your basic error of double vision has not been corrected….Why are you unable to perceive the embracing unity behind every manifestation of divinity?” This is a question that we should all present to our self every day. Shaykh Muzaffer’s story comes to mind. A teacher asked his student to go into the kitchen cabinet and fetch the bottle that was inside. The student went and returned empty handed, asking his teacher which bottle he wanted because there were two. The teacher said, ‘Go back and break one of the bottles and bring the other one.’ The student dutifully followed this order, and when he broke one of the two bottles he saw that there was no bottle left. Perplexed, he returned to his teacher telling him of this strange event. The teacher laughed and said, “You were double visioned! There was only one bottle to begin with!” Shaykh Nur clarifies that it is not about transcending manifestation, but about standing in life rooted in unity being. Daily we should contemplate the oneness of being in La ilahe ilallah – and the never ceasing flow of manifestation in Muhammad Rasulallah.

The second poem is called All Rituals of Religion Have Fallen Away, page 117, for those of you who would like to read it.

My entire life has now become the Goddess, immersed in her own secret contemplation.

I received this all-embracing Mother way from an adept of the open space beyond meditation, one who dwells in a brilliant landscape where there is neither night nor day.

I cannot practice formal concentration at the sacred hours of dawn and twilight, because the sun of her wisdom never rises or sets. All my hours have become her midnight. My once fertile dream-fields are now completely barren of fruit, because dream and dreamless sleep have disappeared into Mother. I feel I have been awake and clear for countless eons. Returning the veils of conventional sleep and conventional waking to the cosmic ignorance from which they spring, I sing the lullaby of Mother Wisdom, so sleeping and waking fall asleep forever.

Mother’s fire has purified all dross from the gold of consciousness. My only desire is to shape your human temple from this golden energy, O blissful Goddess, adorning it with your priceless gems: compassion, beauty, clarity, intensity. How I long to behold this sanctuary, this fully awakened humanity, diamond refuge for all suffering beings!

The singer of this hymn of enlightenment now cries aloud in ecstasy: “On my forehead I bear the treasure of incomparability, the crest-jewel of illumination, the radiance of pure love alone. I have known her final secret. One with Absolute Reality is Mother’s dynamic play. All rituals of religion have fallen away.”

So for the practitioners of the way of Sufism you may substitute Rahman or Rahim for the Mother or Goddess, and you will find that the illumination, the vision and the passion of love are compatible. I leave you with these jewels brought by Shaykh Nur to modern humanity and will insha’allah tomorrow speak more about our beloved guide as a pilgrim within the month of Hajj.

Shaykh Nur recommended that we not mix the sacred traditions. Each one is a distinct river from the Source and needs to be navigated from within its own currents. And yet in us they must mix in some way, especially at the level of Haqiqat, of Truth. No separate borders, no separate religions at this level. One of the most enjoyable and fruitful study practices that we undertake in the Dergah is, on Nur’s Urs, to place all of his books in a pile and invite every dervish in turn to pick one and open it by divine guidance and read a paragraph or more aloud. In this way all of the traditions resonate with each other plucked by the single Hand. Hu!

Night of Power Tonight

In the Name of Allah Who is Infinite Compassion and Love

We are looking for the Night of Power to descend on this night, the 27th night of Ramadan.

Where is our heart?
Let us look into our heart.
That is where the Night of Power descends.

We have indeed revealed the Message on the Night of Power.
And what could explain to you what the Night of Power is?
The Night of Power is better than a thousand months, than a lifetime of striving.
For within it descend the angels and the Spirit by Allah’s permission spreading mercy everywhere.
Peace, Peace, Peace. Until the rise of dawn.

Happy Birthday Salawat for the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh

Salawat for the beloveds who are feasting at the banquet tables of love on the Prophet's birthday,

In Allah’s infinite mercy and love

O Allah, Source of all mercy and love, please bestow Your supreme love boundlessly upon the perfect mirror of Your Heart, Muhammad, and please shower him in Your infinite, myriad blessings, refreshing and illumining his heart, so that he becomes radiantly happy in Your boundless pleasure.

O beloved Allah, please bless him in such a way that we also become radiantly happy, merging our being into his being, bringing about a magnificent banquet of love where Your own divine Pleasure flows as the wine of ashk Muhammadi pouring into every heart, past, future, and eternal.

O beloved Allah please shower the same love and blessings upon all of the Prophets who came before Muhammad, and upon his noble family, his wives, his daughters and sons, his companions, his blood lineage, his spiritual lineage, and upon all humanity, for ever and ever.

Day of Arafat with Effendi and Nur

In Allah’s Infinite Mercy and Love

Labayk Allahume labbayk! I have come O Allah I have come to you!

Beloveds, peace be upon you and upon all those with you on this great day of Arafat!

May Allah’s wonderful Mercy cover us and all the pilgrims of love, guiding, protecting and flowing thru us as a great flood, filling all hearts.

Our beloved Muhammad, may he be embraced in the sublime peace of union with Allah, has declared, “Arafat is the Hajj.” For Arafat is the unveiling of the Beloved.

On the Day of Arafat, in the Islamic year 1400, Nur al Anwar stood side by side with Shaykh Muzaffer Effendi, may their secrets be blest together, under a tarp stretched horizontally to protect against the powerful desert sun, along with 40 dervishes of Effendi from Turkey and America who had joined with their shaykh for Hajj. Nur was holding up the tent with his umbrella while a hafiz chanter recited the thousand Names of Allah that the Angel Gabriel had recited over the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, before one of the holy battles. The recitation had been requested by Shaykh Muzaffer, who was brimming with the light of prophecy during this Hajj, and the event reverberated with the power and significance of the original event. As Nur stood upright holding up the tent he was like the axis and tent pole of the community of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, may sublime peace shower upon him eternally. During that recitation Nur became a true inheritor of the Prophet. He became Shaykh Nur, inheritor of the ancient lineage of prophecy kept alive by the mercy of Allah to awaken and guide humanity throughout the ages. This happened at the foot of Mount Arafat, the Mount of Mercy, simultaneously with the waves of pilgrims calling out Allah, ascending and descending the small mountain of vast mercy. It was as though verses of the Koran were being embodied and lived before our eyes.

This event stands out in my heart as the centerpiece of that Hajj. It belongs to each of you. It is part of your heritage, part of the bloodstream of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi lineage. It was a divine gift that will affect all of us eternally. The thousand Names of Allah were conferred upon Shaykh Nur, and thereby transmitted to us, just as the 28 Names have been transmitted to us thru Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, may Allah sanctify and ennoble his great secret.

Stand on the Mount of Arafat tomorrow with the Pirs, with the Prophets of Allah, with the Mothers of the Faithful and with humanity, knowing that you are with Allah.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alemin! All Praise flows to the One Alone, to Allah, Cherisher and Sustainer of all hearts. And peace and blessings be upon the beloved of Allah, Muhammad the Praiseworthy, and upon his family, his companions, and humanity. And peace be upon the blessed Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, upon Ishmael and Isaac, and upon the Mothers of the Faithful and all the Messengers and Prophets of Allah and their communities throughout time and eternity.

Hajj and Arafat

In the Blessed Name of Allah, infinite Compassion and Love

O Lovers, In these powerful days of the Hajj leading up to the day of Arafat, let us drop all inner preoccupation with other affairs, and turn our whole being to the one affair that is life giving and essential, the existence of Allah Exalted and Noble, and the existence of our being as the light of Allah. We have the opportunity in the beginning of this holy month to contemplate our entire life as a pilgrimage, from the Source returning into the Source. It is a pilgrimage that takes us from the light of the pre-eternity of souls into the seven layers of darkness of creation, where the spirit dwells as a seed in the ground or as the seven sleepers in the cave. Into this dreamlike cave of creation, Allah’s loving mercy and grace enters to awaken and inspire our hearts. Allah’s love takes the form of the light of Rasulallah, may the most exalted peace shower upon him and upon all the Messengers bearing this light, the same light which shines thru the hearts of our Pirs, our shaykhs and our community. Guided by this light, we begin the inner journey, the conscious pilgrimage, thru the holy land of the heart, passing thru all the way stations of the divine Names which constitute the heart. We return to our Beloved, together with all the pilgrims of the world who have engaged in the holy way of life. So let us take these days of the Hajj to envision ourselves following the footsteps of the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon his noble being, as he journeys thru the vast immensity of the heart into the Essence of the heart. Let us follow in the way of the blessed Abraham, Ishmael, and Hajjar, may they be embraced in sublime peace. Let us follow the way of all noble Prophets and Mothers of the Faithful living in this world as pilgrims who pause for a moment under the shade of a tree, as travelers who know the true destination and are not fooled by the shadow.

Let us imbue ourselves with the powerful fragrance of the Prophets and Mothers of the Faithful, their hearts like the desert, no overgrowth of earthly concerns, dry of all but Allah’s abounding grace which fills the oases of sacred knowledge and pours as rainfall from the heavens in sudden flashes of compassion, their hearts open to the sky of divine names shining in the darkness of Essence, their hearts as vast tents welcoming the saintly travelers who have come to join the caravan of return into eternal love.

Imbued with the sacred spirit of the Prophets, let us take the most direct way to join with them on this holy pilgrimage. And that way is to actualize with our whole being the meaning of La ilahe ilallah Muhammadun rasulallah, from chanting it on our tongue to realizing it on all levels of our self, culminating in the seventh level where Allah alone is chanting it thru all the seven levels. Let us intone this tasbih constantly in these holy days and for the remainder of our lives. La ilahe takes us from the illusion of creation, ilallah takes us to the Reality, Muhammad Rasulallah takes us from the Real into the divine creation which is the light of the Real. Let us chant with our whole being the holy name of Allah, which contains all the Names, and the blessed name Hu, the Essence. The journey thru these names comprises the true Hajj.

Let us contemplate for a moment how our spiritual life is embodied in the steps of the Umra and Hajj. The longing which stirs us to seek our Source is symbolized in the quest of Hajjar for help in the desert as she ran back and forth between the two hills, Safa and Marwa. The response of Allah to our longing and the discovery of the Source within our own heart is mirrored by the child Ishmael as he stomps his blessed foot on the ground releasing the life giving water of Zem Zem. Ignited by love, we are driven by the desire to offer our lives and what is most precious to us in sacrifice to our Beloved. This is manifested in sublime Abraham, peace be upon him, as he willingly prepares to offer his most precious son, Ishmael (Isaac for the Jewish nation) to his Beloved. And as Shaykh Nur, may his soul be blest, has commented, this is not just an immense, almost inconceivable personal sacrifice, it is the offering back to the Source of the very lineage of prophecy which sustains humanity. This is the affirmation of La ilahe ilallah in all of its depth. According to Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi, the command of Allah to sacrifice his son came in the eighth night of the Hajj month. The next day is called the Day of Contemplation because the blessed Abraham fell into deep contemplation on that day after the dream, remembering that he had himself vowed to offer his son to Allah if he would be granted one. So let us also contemplate together with the Prophet Abraham on this day, remembering our nothingness and realizing that everything we have and are is from Allah’s infinite generosity. Let us contemplate on the greatness of the heart of Abraham, whose sacrifice sheltered humanity from its own erring and guided humanity to the light of the One. Let us ask ourselves if we can make the smallest sacrifice which is to offer our ego, our personal sense of self, to our Beloved. By the end of the day, Abraham concluded that he would respond to the divine command by sacrificing a hundred camels, praying for them to be accepted in the place of his son, and also because he was uncertain whether the command was literal or symbolic. The following night, the night before the Day of Arafat, came the command “Fulfill your vow O Abraham!” The next morning on the Day of Arafat, Abraham again sacrificed a hundred camels as an offering to be taken instead of his son. At this point let us pause and recall that this is the passing day of Pir Nureddin al Jerrahi, may Allah sanctify his soul. We begin to realize the greatness of his passing on this day as we understand it as a sacrifice to Allah for all humanity, and for modern humanity following in his wake. Returning to the account of the blessed Abraham, it is in the night between the 9th and the 10th, the night before the Day of the Feast (the Eid), that the command came a third time, “Fulfill your vow O Abraham!”. At this third request, the noble Prophet fully understood and accepted that he must offer his actual son as a living sacrifice to his Beloved. So, on the day of the 10th, the Eid, he, Ishmael and Hajjar set out for the place of sacrifice….

Insha’allah to be continued.

In Allah’s great love, Fariha