In Honor of Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (PBUH) – 12 Rabi-al-Awwal

In Allah’s Name the All Compassionate and Merciful

Peace to your hearts, tranquility to your minds and healing to your bodies.

The greatest thing in creation is to be a lover of Allah and Allah’s beloved Muhammad, may he be embraced in the powerful love of Allah and showered in the infinite blessings of Allah. This is the greatest wealth, the highest honor and the most secure guarantee of eternal happiness. To be a lover of Muhammad is not a limited state of limited religion. It is the exaltation of the heart and the expansion of love to the furthest degree.  To sincerely love Muhammad is to love Allah and one’s self and humanity fully.

To deeply love the messenger of the culmination of prophecy is to love and honor all of the Prophets and Messengers, the Mothers of the faithful, the Buddhas, the enlightened ones and the holy women and men from all sacred paths.

To love the one who called the Prophets his brothers is to love universal sisterhood and brotherhood.  Addressing these exalted beings Allah reveals in the Generous Quran, ‘This sacred community of yours is one community and I am your beloved Lord and Cherisher.’

To love the bearer of the Noble Quran is to love wisdom and true guidance and to see the wisdom and guidance in all of the Holy Books of every sacred Tradition and in the magnificent Book of Creation.

To love the Nur Muhammad, the First Light shining from the divine command ‘Be!’, is to be in awe of the magnificent beauty of Allah’s Own Self revelation, and to see this pre-eternal light continuing to stream from the Sublime Source in the form of Creation, desiring oneself to become light.

To love the one who declared, ‘I was a Prophet while Adam was between water and clay’ is to gaze upon the pre-eternal royal seal of prophecy and to become part of prophecy.

To openly love the bearer of good news to both worlds is to become joyful for oneself and for humanity and to spread joy everywhere.

To revere and love the one who was sent as a warner and teacher of humanity is to embrace true guidance and to accept the healing corrections for the waywardness of the soul, longing to purify and clarify one’s heart so that it can shine as the mirror of the Divine Face .

To ardently love the glorious rising sun of Truth is to long to merge into the Truth and become Truth.

To fall in love to the full moon of mystic gnosis is to become a mystic lover whose gaze can kindle the hearts, arousing in them a yearning for mystic knowledge.

To love the Pole of the whirling spheres of Beauty is to taste the ecstasy of Allah the Supreme Beloved and to become intoxicated with eternal beauty.

To love the one who declared, ‘I will be the master of humanity on the Day of awakening,’ is to be secure in the overwhelming Divine majesty of that Day.

To love the one who was sent as ‘a mercy to all the worlds’ is to know Allah as loving-mercy and to live one’s life as divine kindness.

To love the one who cried out as a newborn infant, ‘Umati, umati, umati!’ ‘My community, my community, my community!’ is to be given the secret of Rahman, the All Compassionate.

To love the ‘intercessor for all souls’ is to love and to witness Divine Compassion interceding before Itself and flowing between the hearts of human beings and creatures, bringing them all back home.

To love the one who wept in the night for humanity is to taste a little of the universal suffering of humanity and all creatures and to find the ways of wiping away the tears and slaking the thirsts.

To love the cherished slave of Allah is to love servanthood and to become compassionate and humble toward all creatures, offering one’s ego on the pyre of love.

To love the leader of the Melamis – the people who accept blame upon themselves in their love to Allah and humanity – is to be free of the false honor of the ego.

To love the one whose forehead clove to the ground in adoration, supplication and intercession in the original palm tree mosque and gardens of Medina, in the station of Proximity during his ascension to the Essence and in the blessed bed of his beloved wife Aisha is to receive the invitation to the exalted mystery of salat and initiation into Divine nearness in prostration.

To love the one who declared that Paradise lies at the feet of the mothers is to love and honor all the mothers of humanity and to understand that Rahman is the life-giving Matrix and the Cherisher of all beings.

To love the one who ceaselessly praises Allah is to know the joyful essence of life as ceaseless and ever-renewed praise of the Source of life.

To love the one who is ‘closer than two bow lengths and nearer than near’ within the Most Holy Essence is to long for nearness to the Beloved and to become a worshipper of the Essence, perceiving the Essence within one’s own heart.

To love the central Pole in the tent of relative existence is to enter the center of the mystic circle of life, opening equally to all directions of manifestation.

To love the one who is crowned with the mystic green Turban is to honor the nobility of humanity who is in the station of Khalif of Allah, the representative and manifestor of Allah within creation.

To love the one who states that he guides only through clear and direct seeing is to become one of those who long to see and to experience the Truth directly.

To love the one whose footstep upon the earth transformed it into a universal station of prayer is to honor the earth and to cherish every step upon the earth as prayer and every breath as praise and to see the universal praise and prayer of all beings.

To love the fragrant Rose in the meadow of prophecy is to melt into love and be dyed in the splendid colors of the Beloved.

To love the Sultan of hearts in the garb of a humble man is to fall in love forever.

These reflections are expansions of love. One can be a lover of Jesus and Mary, or Moses, or Krishna, or White Buffalo Calf Woman and also a lover of the sublime Muhammad, may they all be embraced in the heart-expanding peace of the Beloved. The main thing is to love, deeply and passionately love, a perfect human being so that one can love all human beings.  One loves a perfect human being so that one can love Allah and live forever in Allah.

Fariha Nur

Please read Shaykh Nur’s inspiration called “Love for the Prophet of Allah”  page 107-109 in the Atom from the Sun of Knowledge.



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