Happy Birthday Effendi!

In the Overflowing Compassion and Love of Allah

Dearest Companions

Happy Birthday Muzffer Effendi Ashki Aziz al Jerrahi, the sultan of love!

May his spirit be victorious over the forces of negation and separation, in our self and in the world.

May his light help to guide us in the ocean of Reality, bringing us safely to the station of Unity.

May his spiritual power protect us.

May his love to us be our foundation.

May his spiritual knowledge make the way easy for us, keeping us safe from the illusions of the world and the false claims of conventional religion.

May his passion for Allah and the Beloved of Allah and the Messengers and Friends of Allah open our hearts to greater and greater depths and faces of love.

May his friendship to humanity and all beings be a model and guide for us in our life and in our relations.

May we inherit the ceaseless zikrullah of his heart.

From the Unveiling of Love:

Of all the acts offered for the sake of the noble pleasure of Allah, Exalted is that One, the best and most beautiful is the affirmation of Divine Unity, zikrullah. Decisive proof of its being the highest and greatest act is the noble Koranic verse, “And remembrance of Allah is the greatest.” (29:45) Those blest with insight and faith, those who see the Truth, can infer from this noble verse the loftiness of remembrance of Allah and its great worth in Allah’s sight.

“Remember Me and I will remember you”….the greatest and most meritorious of all acts of worship is to know Allah, Glorious and Exalted, to affirm the Oneness of Allah, to declare the Unity of Reality, and to remember the Beloved in every state and activity, everywhere and in every moment.

Let us offer 500-1,000 La ilahe ilallah Muhammad rasulallah for the sake of his beautiful soul.

May the human heart be victorious!

Fariha al Jerrahi

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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