The Mystic Marriage

In the All Embracing Name of Allah, Boundless Compassion, Forgiveness and Love

Beloved Community,

Peace to your hearts, health to your bodies, and clarity to your minds!

Our journey to the radiant Guadalupana with the Sakal Sherif of our Master in the company of Shaykha Amina, the beautiful community of Mexico City, Nureddin Wali, Zhati and seven million pilgrims was like diving into an ocean of light and mercy.

The power springing from the joining of the souls of the beloved Muhammad and the truthful Maryam and their communities of lovers was indescribable. Yet it was tangible as a wave of power and love that is moving through humanity. When the majesty of Muhammad, peace be upon him, is cloaked in the beauty of Maryam, peace be upon her, humanity can be at peace. And the human family can find unity, Insha’allah.

Here is a salawat that came from the experience.

Salawat to Hazreti Maryam, aleyhi salam, and to the Beloved Muhammad, salallahu aleyhi wa salam

O Precious Allah please bless our beloved mother Maryam, perfect vessel of Your Word, overflowing chalice of Your Mercy, splendid mirror of Your Beauty, magnificent intercessor before You. Please bless her who spreads her covering mantle over humanity. Bless her who appeared to the vision of Juan Diego as the radiant Guadalupana, protector of the ones who have no protectors and guide of the peoples of the Americas, the new humanity.

O beloved Allah please join the spirit of Hazreti Maryam in the mystery of divine Union with the spirit of our beloved Master Muhammad, revealer of Your ultimate Mercy and supreme guide and intercessor for all souls, may he always be showered in Your Grace and Your all embracing Peace. O precious Allah, may the sacred union of their spirits bring about the union and healing of humanity.

Heart in heart in the infinite Heart,

Fariha Fatima


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