Contemplations in the Season of Spring


What if there were a supreme Consciousness behind and within all of this vast creation including ourselves?

What if the nature of this supreme Consciousness was living, loving, intelligent, communicating, all capable, and manifesting?

What if this supreme Consciousness manifested all forms of beauty and intelligence?

What if the supreme Consciousness displayed Itself as the exalted heavens and the expansive earth, the majestic sun, the delicate moon, the brilliant stars?

What if the supreme Consciousness manifested glorious angelic beings of intelligence and light, praising their Source and serving creation?

What if the supreme Consciousness placed Its qualities in every creature, those living inside the earth, on top of the earth and in the sky, to be admired, contemplated and also enjoyed as nourishment?

What if the supreme Consciousness manifested winds, clouds and rain to satisfy the thirst of the earth and the living ones and to grow all kinds of nourishing and healing vegetation?

What if the supreme Consciousness held back the rain and the warmth of the sun to demonstrate death, and then returned them to the earth to prove the truth of the resurrection?

What if this supreme Consciousness ultimately manifested Itself as the human form, the last to enter creation, and placed therein all aspects of beauty, love and power, even the power of denial and destruction?

What if the supreme Consciousness gave to this one a heart, a mind, and the faculties of hearing, seeing and feeling?

What if the supreme Consciousness placed this one in the center of all beings and asked it to love and to care, to contemplate, and to admire and praise Itself?

What if the supreme Consciousness placed the crown of creation upon the head of this one, asking it to be wise and conscientious toward all?

What if the supreme Consciousness asked this one to adorn itself with the qualities of loving-kindness, peace, humbleness, courage, strength, beauty, patience and intelligence?

What if the supreme Consciousness pointed to a great treasure placed in the secret heart of this one?

What if the supreme Consciousness manifested Messenger after Messenger to point to this treasure, and to remind, refresh, teach and inspire?

What if the supreme Consciousness adored Itself in this human form and asked this one to love and to praise Itself in return?

What great events in ourselves and on the horizons could come about if we truly contemplate these questions?

These are some of the questions which the Loving Source asks through the words of the Holy Quran and the other Revelations sent by the Source to humanity, to us. The Prophet Muhammad, may he be embraced in sublime peace, was requested to ask these questions to his people so that they could reflect and hopefully find the truth of their own being. It is also good for us to reflect on these questions, even after having embraced the way, so that we do not fall asleep in habitual thinking and actions, however good these actions are.

May the loving Divine Power awakening our souls in the spring open our hearts to a greater reality. Just as we open the windows to let in the breezes of spring and shake the dust of winter out of our houses, so it is good to open our hearts and minds to new visions of contemplation in this season of the soul.

Fariha Fatima

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