Blessed Day!

In Allah’s Overflowing Compassion, Generosity and Love

Dearest companions in the heart of love,

May the peace of this day shower upon you.

May thousands upon thousands of blessings and thousands upon thousands of fruit-bearing raindrops of peace shower upon the reviver of dead hearts Issa, compassionate intercessor Maryam and luminous guide Nur, and upon all of their lovers and companions throughout time and eternity.

Today we are collectively witnessing many acts of injustice over the globe. At the same time we are seeing the rising of consciousness regarding justice and the desire for just and equitable treatment for all peoples. Yet justice is one of the most difficult balances to achieve. It is much easier to be generous than to be just. Really only Allah knows how to be just and fair. We can only intend it. Hazreti Issa has given us a scale with which to measure justice when he exhorts us to treat the other as we would like to be treated. This is radical guidance. We often quote it to children but rarely think of applying to our self. I suggest that today we ponder this teaching - letting it take us deeper into our self, our needs, our highest and ultimate needs, and into our inextricable relationships with others and their needs. Who is the ‘other’? The indigenous traditions of the Americas understand the other as all beings… ‘all my relationships.’ How can we treat all beings as we desire to be treated? How can we support each other to bring good to everyone? Can we create a society, beginning with our self and our close relations, which supports the good of every being? How do we do this spiritually and how do we manifest it materially? Is the ‘other’ also Allah? How are we ‘treating’ Allalh, our Lord, Lover and Creator? How do we want Allah to treat us?

This is a subject with no end. May each of us continue contemplating it and may our efforts bring more light of love and justice into our universe.

In my house it is now time to finish cooking and to offer the meal.

May we all learn how to offer good meals to each other.

In boundless love and gratitude   Fariha Fatima

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