Fourth Day, Fourth Section of the Generous and Wise Koran

In Allah’s Boundless Compassion and Love

Peace to your hearts dear dervishes. May every day of Ramadan become deeper and more beautiful for you.

The ayats of Koran that stood forth in this day’s reading (Juz, section, 4) are these:

Surah Al-i-Imran  Surah 3:190-195

Behold and contemplate the magnificent Creation of the heavens and the earth and the cycles of alternation of night and day, of darkness and light. And realize that these are Divine signs for people of understanding…people who love to celebrate the praises of Allah, standing, sitting and lying down on their sides, and who contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth, offering this prayer,

“O Beloved, You have not created these magnificent universes in vain and for nothing. Your Glory shines through every atom in all realms and everything in Creation praises You. We beg You by Your glory and beauty to save us from the affliction of the fire of the limited self!

Our Lord, we have heard the call of the one beckoning us to faith, “Have faith in the One Who is your Lord and Lover.” And our hearts have responded in faith.

Our Lord, forgive us our wrongs, erase from us the traces of transgression, and take our souls to You in companionship with the righteous and truthful.

Our Lord, give to us what you have promised us through the prayers of Your Messengers and do not disgrace us on the Day of Truth. And you never fail in Your promise. 

And their Beloved has joyfully accepted their prayer and answered them. “Never will I disregard any of your beautiful acts of love and devotion, valuing equally those of men and those of women. You are part of one another, forming the community of love.

Those who in their longing for Me have left their domains of earthly comfort or have been driven out, or suffered harm, whether physical or emotional, in My cause, or struggled in the Way or have been slain – truly I will erase their faults and admit them into Paradise gardens with rivers of delight flowing beneath… a reward from My direct Presence, and in My Presence is the best of rewards.”





Nisaa, Women  Surah 4:2



O humanity, revere your Lord and Lover who created you from a single Soul and created from this Soul a pair. And from this pair spread multitudes of men and women over the earth.

Revere Allah through whom you form family relations and demand your mutual rights from each other.

And revere the blessed wombs that bore you.

And Allah is lovingly watching over you, protecting you and guarding you.


Ya Hu!  Blessings on your fourth day of Ramadan!

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