Beautiful Letter from Shaykha Amina al Jerrahi!

Bismillâh ir rahmān ir Rahim

“A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe.” 

Hazreti Mevlana Rumi
This first night was a very special night among other reasons, due to the particular configuration of the mystical body that the Real One made ... there were present dervishes representatives of all generations —from Abu Bakr and his adorable grandchildren Anwar and Perceo, and their parents, to the little Fatima who is still looking at Paradise; the Beauty has just been born just a few months ago.
…For the sweetness of the Tarawih prayers, the soul strength of all the dervishes present, the loving sound of the Divine Names in our voices, the love of the music, the songs, the rain that fell and cleaned in the afternoon and almost until the magrib… a flow of blessings was being poured from the Most High in preparation for the arrival of the Holy Time of Ramadan ... It is a time that Allah has endowed with a nature like no other time, a nature with a blend of Generosity and Mercy, that is, is Generous in Mercy, the strength and the power of Mercy overflow. Mercy is really Divine Extreme Love. That is why, among many other reasons, Ramadan is a sacred time, a special time from God, Creator of space and time. "I am Time". (Koran)
We are also informed that all demons are immobilized in this sacred time.
There are times more auspicious than others, points out Muzaffer Efendi, may Divine Mercy embraces him on this first night of Ramadan and always. We are in "the Best of the Months”.
Sometimes we can lose perspective, the awareness of what is really great [of Ramadan] and only focus on the aspect of fasting and the initial discomfort. [May our fasting be transformed into food for all who fast all year long because they have nothing to eat at all levels of hunger and thirst!]
But the mystery of the Month of Ramadan in all its facets far transcends the aspect of fasting, it is something very much greater than any biological restriction even if it brings healing and illumination to our now naked self. We become like the infant whose pacifier has been removed, sensitive and vulnerable. At that moment, we can look at pains that we have not seen as the surface of the skin is cleansed. And also spiritual dimensions, faculties and spiritual skills, things that we do not know about ourselves are shown as the treatment go ahead. Therefore, we offer to Love all that we can in this holy time. Allâh has informed us that the main value of every action lies in the heart's intention, so let us never consider what we offer too little if it is with the loving and noble intention of the heart.
If it is not a biological fast, another type of powerful fasting —such as silence— can be followed. The days that we don’t fast can also be replenished later on. Fasting is a private thing between us and our Beloved.
In the Sufi tradition it is said that Hazreti Issa Jesus, peace and blessings upon him, said that there were demons that only fasting can expel from our soul structure.
On the other hand, nutritionists who now recommend fasting are multiplying. The studies show that intermitent fasting regenerate the body's system and organs. The mind has run out of arguments against fasting, but as Sheikh Nur always insisted, only by the Divine Permission can we carry it out and in our case, we fast only for Allâh,
"Fasting is for Me and only I reward it. (Holy Koran)
The Beloved has launched an invitation and the lovers are satisfied with the call, each one from his/her own place, her own spiritual practice, his own degree of dedication, her own degree of remembrance, his own degree of forgetfulness, her own commitment, his own effort, her own love, his own external and internal context ... everyone is present in this navigation. Mashallâh!
We are also informed that on the day of the Resurrection, the month of Ramadan will take on a corporeal form and will bear witness to us, her friends, and the contents of that navigation for our souls; new understandings, expansion of consciousness, greater freedom and tranquility, greater internal space to receive without resistance what life presents us moment to moment. I secretly enjoy imagining that day when we will see a corporeal manifestation of something as unlimited as Ramadan.
We find strength when we eliminate the superfluous. Clarity and joy can strengthen each other in all of us at this time.
Ramadán Mubárak dear companions in the Path of Love!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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