Thank You


Peace to your hearts blessed ones, those who have been entrusted with the key of life from the hands of Muzaffer Effendi and Nur al Anwar.

We are dwelling in the Heart of the Beloved fed with Love Eternal flowing through fountains of Paradise and waving on the breezes of roses.

Blessed new year of the Christian Muhammadan Mosaic Zoroastrian Vedic Indigenous Era.

We are…

Giving Thanks for the whirling of the spheres and the change of the years and the opening of the new in the ever present Now.

Giving Thanks for being allowed to live into another year, another day, another breath, another heartbeat, another blink of the eye.

Giving Thanks for Life, for the origin of Life, for the Kun of Life’s Desire, for the Am I not Your Lord of Life’s Cry, for the Yes of Life’s immediate response.

Giving Thanks for this dance of Love, of lover and beloved, for the play of light and fire, for the laughter and the tears, for the mercy in the hardship, for the trusting in the darkness, for the relief of pain, for the sadness dawning into joy, for constriction opening, for knots untying, for consciousness expanding.

Giving Thanks to our Lord and Lover Whose love brought us to be and Who is constantly desiring us and praying for us, Who is grateful for every breath of ours and every praise of ours, Who dotes over each of our steps and praises each of our increments of growth, guiding us and always reminding us of our true self.

Giving Thanks to the Prophet of Love who, because of his belovedness, was brought Nearer than Near and granted the ultimate bounty and knowledge for humanity to be happy and victorious.  Who brought us countless beautiful forms of praise and prayer. Who enlightens us with wisdom and guidance. Who is an endless source of ecstasy and love. Who has opened universality for humanity so that we can perceive the One in the Many and understand that all sacred paths are One, so that humanity can come to peace.

Giving Thanks for the Mystery and Magnificence of the One beyond two in the Heart of the dance.

Giving Thanks for being initiated into this Mystery by Muzaffer Effendi, may his soul be eternally gratified and illumined. Giving Thanks that he passed to us the cipher, the code, the key of life.

Giving Thanks for Nur al Anwar, may his soul be eternally gratified and illumined, who used the key to magnificently illuminate the Mystery and draw humanity deeper in.

Giving Thanks for my granddaughter sitting in my lap before a Texas dawn, making it harder to write. But soo sweet.

Giving Thanks for being.

23,040 breaths a day, 115,200 heartbeats a day, 28,800 blinks of the eye a day…what are these numbers? Footprints into the infinite beyond number, beyond frontiers and boundaries.

We are from the Infinite and returning into the Infinite, the eternal Day and Night of Absolute Love, all we can receive and absorb, all we can give and share.

Open hearts receiving the generosity of Allah’s Own Heart.

Whirling as the One into Diversity,
Whirling with the friends into the One.

Blessed New Year of 2019, 2019 years since the appearance of the beloved Jesus and blessed Maryam on earth. Mother-Son.

May we remember to be grateful in this year.
May we remember to constantly praise and glorify our Lord and Lover in this year.
May we remember to ask from Allah, Source-Mother-Father-Goal-Essence- Being-Life-All, for everything we need in this year, for our self and for others who are our Self.
Essentially, may we ask only from Allah.
May we know that to ask is good. It is much closer to the truth to be needy and asking than to feel that we should not ask. We can pray for the breath, the life, the guidance and goodness of each day, for our self and for others. As life is always new, the birth of the new is with prayer.
May we see the Face of Love, our Beloved, in this year, in our self, in each other, in all.
May we be with our Beloved in this year.
May we ask forgiveness from our Beloved for all that we have been heedless about in the last year and at every time.
May we ask forgiveness from each other.

I ask for your forgiveness, from each of you, for all my lack and mistakes in this past year and all past years and all years to come.

May we all grow into beauty in this year.
May we increase in wisdom and knowledge in this year.
May we be filled with inspiration in this year.
May we trust in Allah increasingly in this year.
May humanity be victorious in this year.
May all creatures and all creation flourish in this year.

Thanking and praising we are never separate from Allah.
Nur al Anwar

Ya Ishk
Ya Hu
O You

May we all be better servants and messengers of Allah and may we be better friends to each other.


Giving Thanks to each other!

Giving Thanks to the Circle Guides who keep the fires of the Heart of life burning and who invite humanity to feed from the tables of the Pirs. Who raise the tent of Abraham and welcome the sincere. Who shelter and guide and console. Who invite the lovers into the Sacred Circle. Who celebrate Allah in ZIkrullah, music and chanting. Who maintain prayer and encourage charity. Who lead the dervish pilgrims on the holy way of return to the Source and in the mystic way of dwelling always in the Source.

Giving Thanks to the dervish hearts who dare to plunge into the holy fire and to pass away and truly be.

And may we remember always to be grateful to our parents, our mothers and fathers who gave us life into this amazing journey, , our grandparents and ancestors, our siblings and all our relations.
May we be always grateful to our spiritual parents and lineage who planted the seed of eternal life in our hearts.
May we be grateful to our spiritual community, the cradle of our new life.
May we always be grateful to our children, the lights of our eyes.
May we be grateful to our partners, our mirrors, our joy and our grief.
May we be grateful to our companions and friends of the Way, our mirrors and our supports.
May we be grateful to have known and loved those who passed in this year, may our tears and prayers accompany them as spiritual food.
May we grateful for those who are born in this year, offering our prayers of protection and nourishment.
May we be grateful to our faculties of hearing, seeing and feeling - that allow our perception of the Beloved to take on color and form, radiance and tangibility.
May we be grateful for our bodies that dance and pray on the earth.
May we be grateful for ever-renewed life, the life of Rahman, our life.
And may our gratitude keep expanding beyond bounds, for all that we know and all that we do not yet know.
I am so grateful for each of you, those i know and those i do not yet know.

In His love, in Her love

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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