Ya Guadalupana Ya Juan Diego


Blessed Day of Mother Maryam Guadalupana and Santo Juan Diego, who received vision of her on the Mount of Tepeyac with the order to tell the Bishop to build her a basilica where the faqirs of the earth could gather under her mantle.

So the world can be guided by compassion and tenderness.

May the example of Juan Diego give us hope that a life of truth and simplicity will prevail over the powerful, not because it seeks power but because the Master of this world has placed the true reins of guidance into the hands of the gentle and those considered weak.

It is entirely significant that the Queen of Heaven appears to a man of indigenous culture, one who had not lost touch with his origin.

So many, many indigenous cultures have been destroyed in the last four centuries through the prevailing domination of greed and materialism. So many species of creatures and vegetation have disappeared. So many varieties of life and civilization have been crushed. And the materialistic world view is now leading all people, even those who do not ascribe to it, over the precipice into possible extinction unless it makes a radical turn around. It is self-consuming just as it has consumed others.

But there are many signs that a great change is happening. We are beginning to listen to our indigenous origins. Our Origin. Our Source. We are beginning to listen to the wise people of indigenous cultures who never lost their connection and to the wise people of indigenous mind, like Rumi and Effendi and Nur, who never lost their connection.

We need to become indigenous again. We need to remember that we are divine spirit clothed in water and clay. We need to know that we have been called into a drama of love conducted by Love. We need to listen to our hearts. We need to sing from our hearts. We need to find the rose garden and sing to the rose.

We need to listen to the wind, the water, the birds and the animal people. We need to see beauty. We need to create freely. We need to pray fully. We need to touch the earth and sit on the earth and listen. We need to walk gently and dance on her and remember that she will be asked to testify on the day of Truth about how beautifully we lived while on her back. We need to hug each other. We need to know that we are whole and complete and yet always becoming, we are near, nearer than near, and yet always approaching.

May we rejoice in love and in the boundless gift that is life.

Ya Maryam, Ya Juan Diego, Ya Issa, Ya Muhammad, salallahu aleyhi wa sellim, Ya Fatima, Ya Khadija, Ya Nureddin, Ya Effendi, Ya Nur, Ya Ummet, Ya Hu!

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