Urs Nights


Beloved Circle Guides and Dervishes,

Tonight we are honoring the Urs of Hazreti Aisha in our zikrullah. However, I would first like to say a few words about noble Hazreti Khadija whose Urs fell on last Thursday. It came to my heart to place side by side the words that she spoke to her blessed husband Muhammad, may he be showered in sublime peace, in confirmation of his Prophetic mission, and the passionate words that Muhammad, pbuh, spoke about her after her passing from this world.

When he came running down to her house from his retreat on Jabal Nur after he had received the crushing embrace of Archangel Gabriel, he cried to her ‘Cover me, cover me’ and she covered him with his cloak. When his awe and trembling had passed he told her what had happened and he questioned his experience, uncertain whether it was divine or not. She answered him with the full conviction of her soul,

By Him Who has dominion over Khadija’s soul, Allah will never humiliate you. You are good to your family and relatives, you are generous in giving, you are true to your word, you help those who are in need, you support the weak, you cool the eyes of your guest, and you answer the call of those in distress who seek justice. Stay firm, O cousin, for by Allah I know that He will not deal with you except most beautifully, and I testify that you are the awaited Prophet of this nation, and your time, if Allah wills, has come.

She is the first of the Muslims, the first Siddiq and the one who supported him and the early community for the twenty-five years of their marriage until her soul was taken from this world. When the Prophet and his community were banished from Mecca and lived for three years in a ravine outside of the city and trade with them was interdicted, she lived amongst them and she fed them with the means Allah had bestowed upon her until her wealth was exhausted.

In Muhammad’s (sas) indignant and passionate words to Aisha about Hazreti Khadija after her passing when Aisha jealously derided her:

Indeed Allah did not grant me better than her; she accepted me when the whole world rejected me, she believed in me when the whole world accused me of falsehood, she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me, and Allah granted me children only through her.

Her love was nurtured in my heart by Allah Himself. 

Ayesha (ra) said that after this incident, “I learnt to keep quiet, whenever Khadīja’s name was mentioned by Muhammad.”

Insha’allah in the next few days we will present some of the beautiful traditions regarding Hazreti Aisha, the 'transmitter of one third of the religion'.

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