Blessed Day of Arafat!

In the Blessed Name and Ever Unfolding Reality of Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

Beloved Companions of the Way of Love

I stand together with you and our Pirs and our Prophet on this great day of Arafat. I cling to the robe of our Pir Nureddin together with you, to be transported to the Mount of Mercy, Mount Arafat, the essence of Hajj. There I pray with you and I ask forgiveness from the All Merciful with you. I send salutations to the soul of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, and to the souls of all the Prophets and Mothers. I give thanks with you for the light of guidance we have received and for the companionship of souls we have been blessed with. I pray with you for our well-being and for the well-being of all peoples and creatures. I lose myself with you in the embrace of His Love.

And I descend from the mountain with you to share with all beings we encounter the light from this boundless experience. Together we carry the light of Love and Salam which will heal humanity from distortion and negation. This is the all-comprehensive message brought through our beloved Prophet Muhammad, may he be ever increased in love and peace, confirming the Truth of all the noble Mothers and Prophets and Messengers, and confirming the Truth of the human heart and its destined happiness.

While he was standing on Mt Arafat for his last Hajj, his Farewell Hajj, the beloved of Allah received this revelation in his heart,

"Today, I have completed your religion, perfected My blessing upon you, and I have decreed Submission as the Way of return to Me."

Blessed Day of Arafat!

Fariha Fatima

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