From the Masters of Wisdom


Dearest Companions on the Way of True Knowledge,

A thread from the teachings of the Masters on self-knowing . . .

Only Allah
Only Allah is
La ilahe ilallah Haqq!
Knowing our self we disappear from the illusion of our self, of a separate will, separate agent, separate existence.
Muhammad Rasulallah Haqq!
Knowing the One we know the Beauty of the One, Ya Nur!
Ya Nur Muhammad! - pure Divine Revelation and Radiance of the only Self!
And then we know the beauty of the self that has been given to us by All Generous Love.

“I am a hidden Treasure and I long, with an intensity that only belongs to Me, to be known. So I reveal Myself, My Heart, as Nur Muhammad, as Creation, as all beings.”

And there we are! The hidden Treasure!

As we ‘become’ nothing we become all.

La ilahe ilallah, the reciting of its sound the easiest on the tongue and realizing of its meaning the most Pleasing.

Please read Shaykh Nur’s text on La ilahe ilallah, the first chapter of Atom from the Sun of Knowledge.

And contemplate the wisdom of the Shaykh al Akbar, ra, in these two poems in the chapter on ‘The Wisdom of Rapturous Love in the Word of Abraham’, from the Bezels of Wisdom:

He praises me and I praise Him
He worships me and I worship Him
In my state of existence I confirm Him
As unmanifest essence I deny Him
He knows me, while I know naught of Him,
I also know Him and perceive Him.
Where then is His Self-Sufficiency
Since I help Him and grant Him Bliss?
It is for this that the Reality created me,
For I give content to His Knowledge and manifest Him.
Thus did the message come,
Its meaning fulfilled in me.

We are His as has been revealed,
As also we belong to ourselves.
He has no other becoming except mine.
We are His and we are through ourselves.
I have two aspects, He and I,
But He is not I in my I.
In me is His theater of Manifestation,
And we are for Him as vessels.

O Allah please help us to know our self as nothing self-originating and may we know our self as your pure Self Revealed.

Fariha Fatima

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