Universal Islam on Seven Levels

Universal Islam, in seven stages, through the Grace of Hazreti Guadalupana, the Sophia on Love, on her day of manifestation to Juan Diego and to the hearts of all who love and honor her.

O Beloved Allah, on this day of the Guadalupana, please send your peace and Your greetings and Your love to the beloved Muhammad Messenger of Your mercy and to enlightened Fatima, the ‘mother source’ of his being, and to the perfection of Your divine emanation Maryam, Maryam Guadalupana, and to Your holy spirit Jesus and to all the messengers and prophets and Mothers throughout time and eternity. Guide me on Your blessed Way through love and devoted service to humanity and all living beings.

O Beloved of my heart, please send Your love to Yourself appearing in all of Your beautiful emanations and forms, and in the most embracing of all Your forms, the true human being who has appeared in pre-eternity as light and then in the cosmic form of Adama, embracing the emanations of Jalal and Jamal, and then descended into time to manifest Your beautiful Attributes and to be Your polished mirror in which You gaze and fall more deeply in love to Your Self. Guide me on Your blessed Way through love and selfless devotion.

O my Self, please send my love and my most gracious greetings and salams to my self in my most exalted form, my prophetic form appearing in pre-eternity as the light of Love, and descending into time as embodied humanity with seven levels of self, as woman and man, as black and white, red and yellow. Please let me recognize You and love You, my Self, in all emanations and forms. Please reveal Yourself to myself as my Self, and unite all levels of my being with my true Being. Please guide me on the most beautiful way of union and self-revelation and make me a mirror to You, my Self. Love me intensely that I may fall in love with my Self in every aspect of myself, and that I may know that all is my Self in every form of this creation of Love where Love reigns. Please let me know my self as Love.

O You. My I is lost in You alone. You reveal Your Self to Yourself, You send Your Self to Yourself, You fall deeper and deeper in  love to Yourself, You greet Yourself in the most gracious ways of Salam, You forgive Yourself, You return to Yourself, as You constantly reveal and create unique aspects of Your Self.

O Self, where there is no I and no You, all is perfection of Being in endless expansion of Being.

O You and I, O I and You forever, in Your endless Self Revelation of You and I.

O Endless Boundless Being of Love!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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