Mathnawi Notes, Listen to the Sound of the Reed


Listen to the sound of the reed.

Love is the reed.
Love longing for Itself. The Primordial Longing.
Love transforming Itself into all possible forms of Being to give love and to receive love.

Light is the reed. The Original Light.
The Light singing the Divine song of Love.
The Light of Allah. The Divine Face. Nur Muhammad.
Nur Muhammad revealing the Heart of Love of hidden Reality, Haqq, the Essence, Hu.

All is created and formed from the Primordial Light.
The first created, directly created by God, is the Light.
Light is the Pen (Qalam), the First Intellect, the Logos, the Word of Praise, Muhammad, sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam.

The Pen is the reed.
It writes on the Tablet (Lawh), the Manifesting Universal Soul.

Divine Beauty is the reed, showing the beauty of all beings.

Alef is the reed, revealing the Lam and Mim

La Ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah, the Divine Cry, is the reed, the Shofar, the essential secret of Creation.

The reed is the mystic essence of Muhammad, may he be showered in Divine Peace, for whom the Beloved cried, “If not for you I would not have brought about Creation!” This mystic essence is within each of us. It is the ‘fitra’, the perfect form upon which the human being is created. So, for each of us the creation is brought about. Everything exists for the essence within each of us. Listen.

The reed is the Divine Tongue speaking through the life of all beings.

The reed is the Holy Spirit speaking through the heart of Jesus, may he be embraced in Divine Peace.

The reed is the Messenger Muhammad, a.s., through whose exalted heart flowed the boundless ocean of letters of meaning, the Book.

The reed is Hazreti Fatima, may she be illumined in Divine Beauty. Of her the noble Prophet revealed, “Fatima is my mother.” Mother of the Book.

The reed is the Mother Source.

The reed is the Father Energy.

The reed is all the Prophets, Messengers and Mothers, may they all be showered in Divine Peace.
Beloved Jesus and Maryam, beloved Moses and Miriam, beloved Solomon and Bilqis, beloved David, beloved Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, beloved Ishmael, beloved Noah, beloved Adam and Hawa, peace be upon them all. Beloved Zartush, beloved Krishna and Radda, beloved Buddha, peace be upon them all.

The reed is the perfect human being, the Insan Kamil, the Qutubs in every generation, may their souls be embraced in Divine Mercy.

The reed is Mevlana, the Sultan of Love, peace be upon his exalted soul and may he be preserved in the exalted station of Divine Nearness.

The reed is Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Muzaffer Effendi and Nur al Anwar, may Divine peace be upon them and may their souls be elevated into the exalted station of Nearness.

The reed is the guide of your soul.

The reed is your heart receiving the influx of Divine revelation.

The reed is you and me.
“Listen to the sound of the reed.”
“Beshno az nee.”

Heart in heart in the Reed
Fariha Mim

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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