More Estagfirullah!

In Allah’s Overflowing Love and Mercy

Peace to your hearts dearest dervishes.

This morning while reading the prayer of Estagfirullah (sent to you as a Bluepost on Novemeber 21) I realized that the phrase which begins “Forgive me for not adhering to Your pure teachings as they flow through Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy, may he be showered in Your Loving peace…. should have included this part too –

“…and through whichever of the Prophets, Mothers and Holy Beings I am inspired to follow, and for not living the best of these teachings.”

This sounds more true to me, even though I know that Muhammad’s Light is inclusive of all of the true Ways and helps one to understand their mysteries. My own experience in taking hand with Muzaffer Effendi, may he be embraced in Divine love, was that the parables of Jesus, aleyhi salam, which I had heard lovingly repeated by my mother since childhood, opened for me, as though they now spoke with a clear tongue. My spiritual intellect was expanded, even though it was and still is but an atom of an atom of knowledge. I understand this opening to be part of the inheritance of Muhammad, peace be upon him. When his light is authentically transmitted heart to heart it becomes a key and cipher to all spiritual knowledge, and actually gives Divine permission to initiate into multiple spiritual paths, as did our beloved Shaykh Nur. One of the meanings of the Divine Name Muhammad is the praise flowing through all beings.

And yet, while knowing the universality of the Prophet of Allah, a.s., I feel it is incomplete and even ignorant if I do not explicitly include all of the bearers of the sacred traditions, for together they form the spiritual heart of humanity. I usually do this by mentioning the Prophets, Messengers and Mothers – which in my understanding includes all of the main transmitters of sacred paths. This means the Indigenous Traditions all over the globe, the Sacred Mother Traditions, the Vedic Traditions, the Advaita Traditions, the Wisdom Traditions, the Taoist Tradition, the Buddhist Traditions, the Chan and Zen Traditions, the Prophetic Traditions mentioned in Torah and Koran, the Mosaic Tradition, the Christian Tradition, and the Muhammadan Tradition, peace be upon them all and upon their followers throughout time and eternity.

So please change the wording of the prayer of the Estagfirullah prayer to read:

“Forgive me for not adhering completely to Your pure teachings as they flow through Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy, may he be showered in Your loving peace, and through whichever of the Prophets, Mothers and Holy Beings I am inspired to follow, and for not living the best of these teachings. May they all be showered in Your loving peace.”

Estagfirullah for all my errors. May Allah the Merciful guide us also through our errors.


Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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