Peace to your hearts dearest dervishes.

Every day we ask forgiveness from Allah. The Prophet of Mercy, may he be showered in boundless peace, asked forgiveness 70 or 100 times a day. Asking forgiveness is a great door to Allah. In fact, it melts all doors and barriers between our heart and Allah’s Heart.

We should never forget the power of the heart crying out Estagfirullah.

“I am the All-Forgiving and I love to forgive you. Turn to Me and ask for My healing Forgiveness and everything will be forgiven.”

“If you did not commit transgressions I would remove you from the earth and place on it another people who would err so that I could forgive them.”


Forgive me O Allah, Lord and Lover of my being, for all my faults and transgressions!

Forgive me for not being aware of You in every breath and grateful to You in every breath and praising You with every breath.

Forgive me for thinking I am something that exists apart from You. Forgive me for imagining that I breathe or move or blink an eye or have a thought independent of You.

Forgive me for not seeing You always as the Merciful and the Beloved and the Wise and the Benevolent.

Forgive me for not being a lover of Yours in every moment, for You are deserving of all my love.

Forgive me for my paucity of love and for the veils over my heart.

Forgive me for my lack of compassion toward other human beings and creatures of Yours, forgive me for my arrogance toward them, not appreciating their true exaltedness and not seeing Your Face within them. Forgive me for finding faults in them and overlooking my own. Forgive me for being obsessed with myself and forgetting them.

Forgive me for bringing burden or harm to any being, through my thought or my action.

Forgive me for harming the perfect vessel You have created for my enlightenment, my self, through ignorance. Forgive me for not seeing You in my self.

Forgive me for not heeding Your guidance and teachings in my life, for not understanding the lessons that You display and learning from them and applying them.

Forgive me for not loving sufficiently what You love and not disavowing what You dislike, not giving value to what You have called valuable and turning instead to the things of little value.

Forgive me for my greed in desiring what is of this world rather than what is of You.

Forgive me for not running more swiftly on the path to You.

Forgive me for not being aware of the gifts and bounties You continuously shower upon me.

Forgive me for falling into states of ingratitude, anger, jealousy and denial. Forgive me for not being content in my life.

Forgive me for my lack of generosity when You are the Ocean of Generosity and Your Ocean is always overflowing.

Forgive me for my lack of trust in You when You are the absolutely Trustworthy One.

Forgive me for my lack of patience with life’s events when You are so tenderly Patient with my faults and weaknesses.

Forgive me for not adhering completely to Your pure teachings and counsels as they flow through Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy, may he be showered in Your loving peace, and for not living the best of these teachings.

Forgive me for my laziness and sluggishness in worshipping You.

Forgive me for wasting the precious moments of my life in heedlessness, and forgive me for wasting your Razak.

Forgive me for not understanding the wisdom in each event of my life and not seeing You before I see anything else.

Forgive me for thinking that I am deserving of reward, or that I am meritorious or important. Forgive me for taking offense at the objections and criticisms of others.

Forgive me for thinking that I am the one who is the doer of good actions and for congratulating myself on them.

Forgive me for not running to You my Beloved in every moment and turning to Your boundless Mercy in every moment and relying upon Your limitless Kindness in every moment and seeking Your luminous Wisdom in every moment.

Forgive me for everything that I am completely unaware of and of all the errors I make that do not even appear to me as errors.

Forgive me when I think that I am doing something worthy when actually it is unworthy.

Please, O Beloved of my heart and spirit, You are the Forgiver and You love to forgive, please O Beloved forgive me and all those with me. Please erase from our hearts all trace of our transgressions and heedlessness! And please transform our errors into good! You are the Good and from You comes all good and to You returns all good and in You all is good!
Please remove from us and free us from what You dislike, and bestow upon us abundantly and adorn us with what You love. Empty us of ourselves. And make us Your lovers and Your beloveds, those who have passed away in You and who subsist in You! And make us of those who always forgive.

Amin! Amin! All praises flow to You O Lord and Lover of all the worlds. And may Your perfect peace shower upon our master and our beloved Muhammad, the ocean of mercy for all the worlds, and upon his beautiful family and blessed companions, and upon all the Messengers and Prophets and Mothers throughout time and eternity.

“He loves them and they love Him.”
The declaration of Allah to humanity in the Generous Koran

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