The Blessed Month of Rajab, Allah’s Month

In the Blessed Name of Allah, in the Life-Giving Name of Allah Who is Endless Compassion and Ardent Love
In the Name of Allah Who is Pure Life and Who gives us life eternally flowing
In the Name of Allah Who is All Knowing and Who gives knowledge
In the Name of Allah Who is Desiring and places desire in our hearts, our spirits and our bodies
In the Name of Allah Who is supremely Capable of bringing about all that is desired and who grants capacity to us
In the Name of Allah Who is Hearing and Seeing and Speaking and Who gives us hearing and sight and speech
In the Name of Allah Who is One and Whose manifestations are infinitely many
In the Name of Allah by virtue of Whose Name nothing can harm us on earth or in the heavens, and Allah is the finely Hearing and the subtly Seeing

Dearest Dervishes, Peace to your hearts. This is the month of Rajab, the month of Allah. In this month we can expect more direct and manifest presence of Allah. Sometimes this appears in ways that we think of as miracles, and sometimes it feels simply as a living Presence. Allah removes a veil from over our hearts in this month so we can see and hear and feel more clearly and tangibly His Presence, Her Presence. So this is a month in which to reflect upon Allah and upon our selves. To contemplate Allah we can recite and study the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, for it is the Divine Names which give us knowledge of Allah. We can offer our tasbih, and read the Wirds and the Heart of Koran. We can learn to speak to Allah as a Friend, addressing Allah with our needs and our problems and our happiness. We can sit quietly and go deeply and gently into our hearts, entering the heart-cave in silence, joining Allah’s Presence there.

“Know your self and you will know your Lord.”

To reflect upon ourselves we can inquire inwardly and ask ourselves questions.
Here are some suggestions:

Who is our God?
How do we imagine our God?
Is our God merciful and compassionate and all-forgiving?
Who is guiding and directing our life?
Is it our anxieties and our fears? Is it our cravings and desires for transient things?
What is the purpose of our life and for whom do we live?
Whom are we seeking to please?
With Whom are we occupied in our 28,000 daily breaths and our 115,000 daily heartbeats?
Whom do we desire in all our moments?
Who is the one we are seeing when we look? Who is the one we hear when we listen?
Who is the one who occupies our thoughts?
Who do we imagine has the power to manifest us moment by moment and all that we create?
Who is the One we are relying upon to bring about all that we desire?
Whom do we trust?
Who is the One Who can protect us from harm?
Who nourishes us from the earth and from the subtle realms?
To whom are we grateful?
Whom are we remembering and praising in our awareness?

As dervishes we need to reflect on these questions - who is our God, who is our master, where is our consciousness, where are we.
Hazreti Pir, rahmetullah aleyhi, in a Friday Juma gave a hutba in which he stated only one thing. He said that Allah will declare to us on the Day of Awakening, “I was always with you. Where were you?”

The guides say that our love to Allah is in opposite proportion to our love to the world.
They also say that to come close to Allah we approach by assuming the beautiful names and attributes of Allah, the gentle jamal ones. They also say that to merge into Allah we must become nothing, which is our true station. Not the worldly nothing, but the existential nothing. “O Allah Your existence alone is my life.”

Everything speaks of Allah. The Koran, all the noble Revelations, the sacred litanies, our wirds, the prayers….Everything speaks of Allah…our selves, the beautiful creation and cosmos, all creatures…
Allah is all speaking and all knowing…all Present

In Allah’s Beautiful Name of Love
Blessed Rajab

Take the precious time of this month to reflect upon yourselves and upon Allah. We are already close to mid-month.

Please expect the Night of Ascension on the 26th night of this month which is Friday May 15.

And the solar birthday of Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, rahmetullah aleyhi, is this Monday, May 4. So his birthday begins on this Sunday night.

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