Full Moon Night of Shaban and the 100 Rakats

In Allah, All Merciful All Loving

Beloved Companions of Love,

May we all be immersed in the great peace of these holy nights of the full moon of Shaban!

It is an enormous divine gift, transmitted to us through our Pirs, to be invited tomorrow night, the fullest moon night, to pray together with the Prophet of Mercy and his intimate family, may they be showered with the sweetest peace, in the holy heart-garden of Medina, begging for forgiveness and mercy from the Lord of forgiveness and mercy, for ourselves, our families and all human beings and subtle beings.

In the Irshad, Muzaffer Effendi enlightens us regarding the exalted value of the full moon night of Shaban with a report from our tender-hearted Prophet, may he be showered in the peace of satisfaction with his beloved Lord. It was toward dawn of the third of the nights in which the intercessor for all beings was begging forgiveness and mercy for all beings. At that hour the noble Gabriel descended to him and said, “Look to the heavens, raise your blessed head. What do you see? ‘I looked and saw that the gates of heaven had opened, revealing another world. All the angels, from the first layer of heaven up to the Throne, were seeking forgiveness for my community. At the gate of each heaven and angel was proclaiming. The herald in the first heaven was announcing the good news of forgiveness and Paradise, crying ‘What blessed good fortune is this night for those who bow to their Lord and Cherisher….’”

Again in the Irshad, Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi, recounts the tradition reported from the lips of the Faithful Messenger through the blessed Ali, may he be showered in divine mercy and his countenance ennobled. ‘When the evening of Shaban the 15th arrives, spend the night in prayer and the day in fasting.’ In the words of Effendi, “…make the night alive with acts of worship and win divine approval by fasting through the day. For when the sun sets on this day, the Lord of Mercy manifests His Beauty in the lower heaven of this world, saying ‘Has no one anything to ask of Me, that I may grant their request? Is there none to beg my pardon, that I may pardon them? Is there none to ask Me for sustenance in this world and the Hereafter, that I may give them what they ask and grant them provision and happiness?”

The teaching in Irshad continues, “According to the Tradition related by Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, the Prophet said, ‘If anyone performs a hundred cycles of prayer on the fifteenth night of Sha’ban, reciting Fatiha once and the noble Sura Ichlas five times in each cycle, Allah will send down five hundred thousand angels, each of whom will record that lover’s merit in a book of light until the Resurrection. And I swear to Allah who has sent me as a true Prophet, that those who pronounce a blessing upon me on that night will receive a reward equal to that given to all the Messengers, Prophets, angels and men.’”

Effendi continues, “If you have the means to arrange it, have the noble hymn to the Prophet (the Mevlud) recited on that night. Recite the Quran and have it recited. Give alms in charity. Above all, recite the noble hymn to the Prophet. He will be informed of what you spend for his sake. He will know about the salawats you offer him. Love the Messenger as much as you are able, so that your faith may be complete.”

The noble Jafar al Sadiq, the sixth Imam, has reported that the night of the 15th of Shaban is the best night of the year after the Night of Power. And the beauty of it is that this night is known to us, whereas the occurrence of the Night of Power is hidden to most of us.

So blessed ones, receive even more blessing by remaining awake tomorrow night, in prayer, in salat, offering salawat and reading Quran, asking for complete forgiveness and boundless increase in blessings for all beings.

Please join with your circles on this night if you can. Offering the 100 rakats* of forgiveness together is a spiritual experience of immense magnitude, as we have learned. In my own experience, there is a wonderful spiritual maturing that comes through it, and great fulfillment and peace. If it is not possible for your circle to gather, then be in vigil at least part of the night by yourself. And offer many beautiful salawats to the Prophet of love and mercy, using the little salawat booklet. Offer abundant salawats for the remaining days of this month of Shaban, for it belongs to the blessed Prophet, in the way that Rajab belongs to Allah, and Ramadan to the community. During the remaining days of this month send him blessings and ask for his universal intercession.
La ilahe ilallah Muhammad rasulallah.

May Allah the Generous forgive us absolutely for the sake of the beloved brought near, and increase the downpour of divine mercy upon us and draw us ever closer and closer in the intimacy of love. Fariha Fatima

* If you are not able to offer 100 rakats then offer half of that, or twenty or twelve. You may sit in prayer while others are offering them. Also, if the entire circle is not able to offer 100, because of weakness or age, you may offer the 100 in groups, so that a few offer a part, and then they are relieved by another few who offer some, and so on until the 100 are complete. In that way, the circle will have offered the 100.
Also, if you are not able to fast, then offer as much La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah as you can as well as salawats on the beloved.

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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